0.127→0.179→0.118… When will it end, ‘oh’

Brian O’Grady, a foreign hitter recruited by the professional baseball Hanwha Eagles with a huge amount of money, continues to struggle without promise. He was not even able to step on the 200 batting average threshold, and he was notified of his second run. Due to the lack of solvers, it is becoming more common as a team to end up suffering after a persistent game.

O’Gredi, who was expelled from the 1st team the previous day, was not registered for the Futures League (2nd group) entry on the 21st. It was interpreted as the reason that the weekend’s 3 consecutive matches were played against the KIA Tigers. An official from Hanwha said, “(Weekdays), you can register with the Futures right away, or you can have them play a practice game for the remaining army.” “I know they will decide after seeing their physical condition.”

O’Grady is currently ranked as the number one replacement among foreigners in 10 clubs as they run toward the opening two months of the regular season. It was a shoulder injury that caught the ankle of Hanwha Birch Smith and SSG Ennie Romero, who were previously released in season 1 and 2.

But with O’Grady, things are different. He’s not even fatally injured, and his sluggishness is getting too long. The performance of the first team after the opening was literally disastrous. He went 10-for-80 with a batting average of just 0.125 in 22 games. Jang-ta, the biggest reason for deciding to recruit, is also missing. He has three doubles but no home runs.메이저사이트

His biggest problem is his pioneering vision and ability to make contact. He has 40 strikeouts despite not filling the regulation plate appearances, which is in the league’s top five. The walk has only picked out 5 so far. Since he can’t hit the ball properly, it’s not easy to expect the blessing of the so-called ‘BABIP (hit percentage of balls hit in play) god’.

There are no clear signs of improvement. His batting average, which stood at 0.127 in his first 17 games, fell to 0.179 even after he went down to the Futures. Afterwards, he returned to the first team, but the result was 2-for-17 (0.118). Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho and others evaluated that the quality of batting balls is improving little by little, but they cannot say that it is the most important result.

With a hole in the lineup, the team’s performance, which was aiming for a rebound, naturally hit a wall. Even Noh Si-hwan, who was struggling, fell into a slump as he failed to hit more than 30 at-bats before the game that day. Hanwha’s team ERA in May is the only one in the league in the 2-point range (2.89), but its batting average is the lowest. Five of the last six games have been finished with three runs or less, and the fact that only one win among them proves the problem.

Coach Choi’s ‘one word’ right before the game the day before was therefore more meaningful. “This time, we have to show the results on that side (group 2) and get recognition from the staff. I can’t do it, so there’s no reason to force it.”

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