0-6 loss Manager Lopetegui, “Everyone is frustrated… It’s my responsibility”

Wolverhampton Wanderers coach Hulen Lopetegui bowed his head.

Wolverhampton Wanderers lost 0-6 to Brighton in the 34th round of the English Premier League in the 2022-23 season held at the Amex Stadium on the 29th at 11:00 pm (Korean time). As a result, Wolverhampton is 13th with 37 points and Brighton is 8th with 52 points.

After the game, coach Lopetegui said, “It is not easy to evaluate or analyze the game because it is a very bad day for us. We suffered early and conceded two goals that should have been avoided. The first run was with 10 players behind the ball. We could have done better.”

“The second goal was a difficult moment for us as we lost the ball and the opponent gained more confidence after that. Against a team like this, it’s very important not to just play nice, not to concede goals easily. It’s a very difficult day for us, but the responsibility lies with me as the manager.”

Lopetegui continued, “I am very sorry to the fans. Now we have to prepare for the next match. we are fighting We have lost a battle, but we have not lost a war. We have to reach our goal. We haven’t achieved anything yet. You need to score more points to reach your goal.” 토토사이트

Lastly, coach Lopetegui said, “We were all frustrated, and as a manager, I made the biggest mistake than anyone else. this is my responsibility Similarly, players need to know that they can do better. We have to remember that four months ago we were at the bottom of the table with 5 points.”

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