1 in 5 athletes with disabilities experienced human rights violations in the past 2 years

 It was found that one in five athletes with disabilities nationwide experienced human rights violations.

On the 12th, the Sports Ethics Center announced the ‘2022 Sports World Human Rights Violation Survey’ and said, “20.5% of disabled athletes who participated in the survey responded that they had experienced human rights violations within the last two years.” 15% and 13.7% for referees,” he said.

A representative case of human rights violation is the issue of the right to move and access.

13.3% of the players participating in the survey answered that they experienced discomfort while participating in training and competitions.

It was found that most of the players who suffered human rights violations only responded passively.

One in three players who experienced damage did not respond at all.

35.0% of respondents said that they did not respond even when faced with verbal/physical violence or bullying. 메이저사이트

The Sports Ethics Center announced that it would build a victim support and report counseling system based on the fact-finding survey on the disabled, and promote related projects.

This fact-finding survey was conducted from September to December of last year, and 2,204 disabled athletes, 466 coaches, and 306 referees participated.

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