11 steels more than assists, the cause of KOGAS’s defeat?

KOGAS recorded 11 steals, more than 8 assists. If you look at the historical record, he says he had no choice but to lose.

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation lost 65-71 in an away game against Wonju DB held at Wonju Sports Complex on the 26th. If he had won that day, he could have risen to 7th place, but he was defeated and ended up in 9th place with a record of 13 wins and 20 losses.

It’s a game you can’t help but regret. Even though they led 21-18 in the first quarter, they were inferior to 12-22 only in the second quarter, and eventually lowered their heads by 6 points. KOGAS, which lost to an opponent who had to win unconditionally, has to walk a harder path to advance to the playoffs.

All 11 players who participated scored, but it was painful to see that no player scored in double digits except Lee Dae-seong with 21 points.

It is hard to win if two foreign players can only score 8 points. Moreover, he also had 13 fewer rebounds at 29-42.

If you look at the game record, something unusual catches your eye. Steals are more than assists. Gas Corporation recorded 8 assists and 11 steals that day.

The average assists and steals per team this season, including this game, are 17.3 and 6.5, respectively. In most games, there are 10 more assists than steals, but Gas Corporation had 3 more steals than assists.

In contrast, DB recorded 19 assists and 10 steals.

Another record that needs to be looked into is the speed break. DB scored 10 and Gas Corporation scored 4 fast attacks. The fast break scores were 20 and 7.

Steel has 11 gas works, which is more than DB’s 10, but his fast attack is less than half.

A lot of quick attacks come after defensive rebounds or steals. Also, when the fast attack continues like this, it is accompanied by an assist.

However, Gas Corporation recorded only one quick attack after 11 steals. It also scored one point with Woo Dong-hyun’s free throw. On the other hand, DB succeeded in 4 fast attacks after stealing, and 3 fast attacks accompanied by double assists. 먹튀검증

Gas Corporation can attack faster if it passes every game and runs, but it gives the opponent time to set up a defensive camp by dribbling alone.

Gas Corporation needs to look back to see if it is ruining the chance to score easily. Teams facing KOGAS also evaluate that useless dribbling is long. If this is not reduced, KOGAS may not be able to get out of ninth place.

Since the 2001-2002 season, when home and away matches have settled down without neutral games, and steals have been recorded as steals, there have been 18 cases where 11 steals and assists were less than 10, and the win rate in this match was 11.1% (2 wins). 16 losses) only. This is the win rate including the Gas Corporation and DB match.

After the 2011-2012 season, all 11 teams have no relationship with victory.

If there were more steals than assists during the same period, the win rate was 34.5% (48-91). If there are more steals than assists, the win rate is low, but when the steals are just 11 steals, the win rate drops even more.

Gas Corporation also tasted defeat in this strange jinx-like record.

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