16-year-old Kim Seung-gu, entered the pro with No.

Successfully entered the 2022 Korea Origin Research Student Baduk Contest
with the 1st place in the accumulated score

(Hangame Baduk = Reporter Han Chang-gyu) 16-year-old Kim Seung-gu succeeded in entering the school as the 1st place in the research student ranking. In the 2022 Korea Institute Research Student Baduk Competition, which ended on the 11th, Kim Seung-gu became the main character of the new entry by winning the cumulative score of 801.8 points, beating Jo Sang-yeon of 791.8 points.

The 2022 Research Student Baduk Competition was divided into 8 rounds from July to December, with 100 Korean origin researchers participating, and the final ranking was determined.

Kim Seung-gu, the first team member, expressed his aspirations, saying, “I’m happy to join the team after finishing the last round of the student league well despite difficulties,” and “I want to become a knight who can win the world championship by working hard.” Kim Seung-gu, who has won several competitions before joining and made his name known, is representative of Korea in the 18th Hanwha Life Insurance World Children’s Noodles Championship in 2018 and the 16th Prime Minister’s Cup World Baduk Championship in 2021. Korea played an active role in winning the championship for the first time in 7 years.With the joining of Kim Seung-gu’s first team, the number of professional players belonging to the Korea Kiwon increased to 408. There are 331 male knights and 77 female knights. 토토

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