Month: March 2023

Rising in 15 months + the highest ever…’Best success’ Lee Jae-seong’s ransom of 5.7 billion

Lee Jae-sung’s market value recorded an all-time high. Football statistics media ‘Transfermarkt’ updated the market value of German Bundesliga players on the 30th (Korean time). The ransom of Korean leaguers playing in the Bundesliga has also been updated. Lee Jae-sung, who is active in Mainz, and Jung Woo-young, who plays for Freiburg, each recorded 4 million euros […]

Is Hanwha a dark horse? Unusual atmosphere, alertness revealed

 One of the teams that is receiving a lot of attention in the 2023 KBO League, which opens on the 1st, is the Hanwha Eagles. Hanwha, which stayed at the bottom for three consecutive years, dreams of an emergency this year. Hanwha finished first in this demonstration game. Excluding one game that was not played due to […]

In the IOC ‘individual qualification’ policy… Mixed reactions from Russia and Ukraine

The International Olympic Committee and the IOC set new standards for international competitions for athletes from Russia and Belarus, which invaded Ukraine. In the middle, reactions from both Russia and Ukraine are mixed. The IOD held an Executive Committee yesterday (29th) and allowed athletes from both Russia and Belarus to participate in international competitions as […]

What if Mickelson leaves LIV Golf? Must pay more than 1 trillion won in penalty

The LIV Golf Invitational Series (LIV Golf), sponsored by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund (PIF), recruited a large number of star players from the American Professional Golf (PGA) tour with astronomical money. Many players have moved to LIV golf, including players who have won major championships, such as Phil Mickelson, Bryson DeChambeau, Dustin Johnson, Brooks […]

A game changer in the reversal in the 4th set, tears in the end due to a major mistake in the 5th set. “Thanks to you, I went to the 5th set”

 “Thanks to (Lee) Si-woo, I went to the 5th set…” Hyundai Capital’s Lee Si-woo heard the second round of the playoffs. He was the protagonist of a dramatic come-from-behind victory in the 4th set, but he was also the person who made the unfortunate defeat in the 5th set. Lee Si-woo mainly worked as a one-point […]

Korean baseball, ‘world ranking 4th → 5th’ decline… WBC champion Japan?

The world ranking of Korean baseball went down one notch from 4th to 5th. On the 28th (hereinafter local time), the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) announced the baseball world rankings through its website. Korea ranked 5th with 4049 ranking points. This ranking reflects the results of international baseball competitions held over the past four years, […]