3rd and 4th sets reversed + Yelena’s attack power decreased…Heungkuk Life Insurance out of power

Women’s professional volleyball Heungkuk Life Insurance stopped right in front of the unified championship. 

Heungkuk Life Insurance had a set score of 1-3 (25-22, 21- 25-22, 21-3) in the 3rd match of the champion match against Korea Expressway Corporation (Expressway Corporation) in the 2022-23 Dodram V League Women’s Division held at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 2nd. 25, 22-25, 20-25). In both the 3rd and 4th sets, with a 4-point lead ahead of the entry of 20 points, it collapsed rapidly and allowed a reversal. Foreign player Yelena showed a lack of strength with an attack success rate of only 28.33%. Heungkuk Life Insurance suffered its first loss after two wins in a bad flow. 

Heungkuk Life Insurance struggled in the early stages of road construction, which gained momentum in the home team. However, in 10-10, Kim Chae-yeon blocked Moon Jeong-won’s open attack and scored, and then in 12-11, Yelena succeeded in a diagonal quick open, widening the score. Even Catbell’s back attack, the opposing foreign player, left the line and made the most score difference in this game. 

In the first match, ‘Ace’ Kim Yeon-kyung shone. She scored with a diagonal open attack at 17-16 and a quick open attack again at 18-16. Even when the opponent’s momentum rose as Bae Yoo-na of the highway construction blocked Yelena’s attack, Kim Yeon-kyung stepped up and scored a goal that widened the score to 3 points (score 22-19). It was also Kim Yeon-kyung who scored her offensive opportunity, regained by her tenacious defense. Heungkuk Life Insurance made a set point with Kim Mi-yeon perfectly performing time-lag attacks on 23-21, and Joo-ah Lee blocked Catbell’s attack and took the first set.  

The second set was pushed back by the opponent’s momentum. Catbell survived both offense and defense, and Park Jung-ah also showed a sharp attack. However, in a situation where they were losing 15-18 by 3 points, Yelena scored an open goal, and after good defense, Kim Da-eun, who was put in as a substitute, scored a difficult toss and chased 1 point again. Even in the ensuing situation, Kim Da-eun’s continuous attack was successful in the defensive confusion. After tying the score 18-18, Yelena even served as a sub ace. Kim Da-eun widened the score by scoring once again in a situation where she could have won. 

However, it failed to stop the clutch ability of Park Jung-ah, the ace of the road construction, and faltered at the end of the second set. In the end, they gave up the second set 21-25. 

Heungkuk Life Insurance, which allowed a counterattack, showed concentration again. Kim Yeon-kyung, who took a breath in the 2nd set, showed her presence again in the 3rd set, and Yelena, who had a lot of mistakes, also supported the score with a continuous hit instead of a hard hit. Attack 3 option Kim Mi-yeon also scored the same as Altoran. In 14-11, Lee Won-jung blocked Catbell’s attack and increased his momentum. 

The counterattack of the road construction at the edge of the cliff was fierce. Heungkuk Life Insurance gave up a win by conceding 5 consecutive runs in a 20-16, 4-point lead. In a situation where the set point (21-24) was given, Kim Yeon-kyung’s repeated attacks were blocked by Catbell. I gave up two sets in a bad atmosphere. 

It was Kim Yeon-kyung’s clutch spike that came out of the 14-14 tie that Heungkuk Life Insurance brought the flow back. In the strong momentum of both teams, the main guns came out one after another, and Kim Yeon-kyung was sold out. After that, Kim Mi-yeon succeeded in an exquisite attack that led to two consecutive touchouts, widening the score gap.    먹튀검증

However, the match unfolded in a similar way to the third set. They led by 18-14, 4 points, but allowed Expressway Corporation Bae Yoo-na and Park Jung-ah to block and speed-up to chase. In 19-18, Kim Mi-yeon’s attack was blocked by Jeon Sae-yan’s blocking. At 20-20, he conceded a point to Park Jung-ah in the confusion in front of the net, and could not block Catbell’s open attack. 

There were also scenes where concentration was lost. In 21-20, he foresaw the opponent’s fore hit and loosely defended, allowing Catbell an open attack. She applied for a video review, but it was determined that it was not a four-hit. Heungkuk Life Insurance later collapsed by committing a series of offenses, and eventually lost by giving the 25th score. 

After the game, Heungkuk Life coach Marcello Abondanza commented, “I had a chance to win both sets 2 and 4. I was even ahead by 4 to 5 points. But I couldn’t win the set because of the error.”  

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