’40-doubles trio’ set the table, Sung-beom & Hyung-woo & Tesu-hyung solve… KIA’s dream lineup is coming soon

The dream 40-steal trio is on the verge of coming together.

KIA Tigers outfielder Na Sung-bum and infielder Kim Do-young will play against the Lotte Giants in the Futures League on the 20th (Hampyeong). It will be their first game since their injuries, which means they are close to returning to the first team. If all goes well, he could see his name in the starting lineup this week.먹튀검증

In his first year of free agency, the 2022 season, Na was a fixer. He hit .910 with 21 home runs, 97 RBI, 92 runs scored, and an OPS of .910. Expectations were high for a solid center fielder, but he was sidelined from the start with a left calf muscle strain, possibly an aftereffect of his WBC appearance. The gaps were filled by the performances of Choi Hyung-woo, Lee Woo-sung, Go Jong-wook, and Lee Chang-jin.

However, Na Sung-beom’s long bat was a disappointment. The team often lost games by one run due to the lack of home run power. If Na returns, the KIA batting lineup is poised for a big bang. Lee Woo-seong has stepped up to the plate with his precision and long balls. Choi Hyung-woo and Socrates are also hitting well. Naturally, Na Sung-bum is expected to have a synergistic effect.

Kim Do-young can also be a force to be reckoned with. The main second baseman, Kim Sun-bin, was diagnosed with a fractured thumb in his right hand while handling a pitch. He won’t be back in the lineup for at least a month. The loss of a reliable third baseman is painful. He has been harassing pitchers with his precision hitting and has been the link in any batting lineup.

Park Chan-ho rounds first base after a hit./OSEN DB

Choi Won-jun removes his stealing glove./OSEN DB

Kim Do-young has been tasked with filling the void. The return of Kim, who can play shortstop and third base, opens up the possibility of position shifting in the KIA infield. It’s hard to bench Do-young Kim with his offense. He’ll likely be given a spot at third base or shortstop. There is also a possibility that he could play second base.

Especially with Kim’s momentum, the team could be in full swing. After returning from military service, Choi Won-jun showed off his unique stealing and running ability at leadoff and first base. Park Chan-ho, the two-time stolen base king, is also healthy. Choi Won-jun and Park Chan-ho have both reached 40 stolen bases. Kim Do-young is also considered to have the ability to steal 40 bases.

If Kim returns, the team will have three 40-stealers. Add in runs and stolen bases, and you have an equation for scoring runs without a hit. It’s also a versatile offense. Even if you’re not stealing bases, stealing bases puts a lot of pressure on the opposing battery and defense. You can also see the picture of Na Sung-beom, Choi Hyung-woo, and Socrates clearing the table of 40-stealers.

Manager Kim Jong-kook said before the season started, “All three players have the ability to steal more than 30 bases. We can form a lineup with Park Chan-ho at No. 9, Choi Won-joon at No. 1, and Kim Do-young at No. 2. They can all get into scoring position with stolen bases. With the three of them batting side by side, the center field lineup can create a lot of opportunities. It will increase our offense and our ability to score runs.” His expectations are about to be realized.

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