‘5.6 billion rice price’ this year must be… “I’m confident, I’m ready to go high again”

“I’m ready to go high again this year.”

Doosan Bears center fielder Jeong Su-bin (33) sweated profusely throughout the winter. I have a strong will to rebound this year. Ahead of the 2021 season, he raised expectations by signing a free agent contract with Doosan for 6 years and 5.6 billion won, but only scored 231 games in 2 seasons, batting average 0.259 (186 hits in 718 at-bats), OPS 0.674, 78 RBIs, and 108 points. Last year, even the team failed to advance to the postseason by finishing 9th in the regular season (60 wins, 82 losses, 2 draws), and it was even more disappointing.

More than anyone else, Su-bin Su wants to show the value of 5.6 billion won on the ground. Acknowledging his sluggishness over the past two years, he silently listened to the bitter voice of his fans. He calmly accepted it because he believed that if he played baseball well again, the fans would always send hot cheers again. He also knows that he has to do better for the team to make it to the top 5 again this year.

Subin Sue said, “Last year was a very disappointing year for me personally, and I think the team was also very disappointing. Our team has been doing well so far. The Korean Series (2015-2021) for 7 consecutive years is not easy. We are the first and we are proud of that. I’m trying to think that I took a break last year because I’ve done a lot in the meantime. The coach and coaches are new, and (Yang) Eui-ji is new, so the atmosphere in the team has changed a lot. It’s definitely better than last year. I’m ready to rise again this year. It’s done,” he said forcefully.

As the season ended early, preparations for the season began early. Subin Sue said, “Originally, the season ended almost in November after I went to the Korean Series. I took a month off and usually started preparing for the season from the end of December to January, but last year it ended early in October. I took a month off early and started exercising again. I think I prepared early while doing it,” he explained.

Rather than the sluggishness of the past, I prepared by thinking more about the future going forward. At the spring camp in Australia, I had a conversation with hitting coach Koji Goto about the batting method that I had been thinking about all winter. Coach Goto changed Soo-bin’s question mark into an exclamation mark, encouraging her to continue training with a little more confidence.

Subin Sue said, “I talked to coach Goto, and he assured me that I was practicing properly and said he was good. I came to believe in myself and was convinced that I was practicing in a good direction.”

He continued, “I changed my batting form while continuing to challenge myself even if I failed because I wanted to play baseball well. Now I have a good balance, and I keep practicing with good memories at the end of last year. The goal is카지노 to keep it in good condition without changing it.”

This year, like Su-bin Jung in the past, he plans to make an effort to jump one step further. Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop and base coach Jeong Su-seong are emphasizing ‘baseball going one more base’ throughout the camp. If Jeong Su-bin continues to take on the role of the number one hitter, he is likely to become the spearhead of running baseball.

Subin Sue said, “I tried and ran a lot in the past, but as our team became more and more focused on the bat, I didn’t run. I think I lost my sense of stealing because I didn’t run. This time, the coach and coach ordered me to run, so I tried a lot this season. I think I have to do it. I’m preparing for that.”

In order to achieve the above goals, the first step is to survive the main competition. Coach Lee announced that he would put everyone from veteran to newcomer on the same line and compete for each position. In the outfield, there is a high possibility of going to left fielder Kim Jae-hwan (35), center fielder Jeong Su-bin, and right fielder Jose Rojas (30), but Kim In-tae (29) Kim Dae-han (23) Song Seung-hwan (23) Yang Chan-yeol (27) are likely to break through the gaps. Can’t be ignored. If it is not different from the past two years, even if it is Su-bin, he should give up his juniors.

Su-bin Jeong has no intention of stepping down from the competition with his juniors as he is the captain this year and the leader of the fielders who help his friend Heo Gyeong-min (33). He said, “When I met with the manager, he told me what kind of baseball he wanted. The answer is just to play baseball well. The past two years have passed, and I have to prepare again and show a good image. I was determined to prove my worth.

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