A game changer in the reversal in the 4th set, tears in the end due to a major mistake in the 5th set. “Thanks to you, I went to the 5th set”

 “Thanks to (Lee) Si-woo, I went to the 5th set…”

Hyundai Capital’s Lee Si-woo heard the second round of the playoffs. He was the protagonist of a dramatic come-from-behind victory in the 4th set, but he was also the person who made the unfortunate defeat in the 5th set.

Lee Si-woo mainly worked as a one-point server in the team. However, in the second round of the playoffs held in Suwon on the 26th, he started as an outside heater from the 4th set. He raised the atmosphere by boldly attacking despite his short stature of 1m88. In the 4th set 23-24, Lee Si-woo’s turn to serve came at the opponent’s match point situation. If you miss a serve, the game is over. However, Lee Si-woo did not hesitate and delivered a strong serve. Im Seong-jin received, but it was too long. Park Sang-ha immediately hit a spike and tied the score 24-24. And soon after, he recorded a sub-ace and succeeded until 25-24, a come-from-behind. Hyundai Capital, who changed the atmosphere with Lee Si-woo’s serve, won 27-25 and passed the game to the 5th set. 온라인바카라

Lee Si-woo played his part well in the 5th set. But he made a decisive miss. In the 16-16 deuce, KEPCO Cho Keun-ho’s slow serve went backwards and became the serve ace. He had a great impact on the team atmosphere because it was a ball that could be easily received and attacked. Cho Keun-ho’s next serve was well received, but in the end, Seo Jae-deok’s spike could not be blocked, and the 5th set ended with 16-18.

After the game, Lee Si-woo could not hold back his tears, and the scene of seniors reading together appeared on the air.

Regarding the reason for putting Lee Si-woo in from the 4th set, Hyundai Capital coach Choi Tae-woong said, “I needed a player who could hit a little more powerfully. The other players had some lack of experience, so I put in (Lee) Si-woo, and he did well. went,” he praised. Director Choi continued, “I cry over that,” and smiled lightly, saying, “When I was playing as a setter, there were many games I lost because of me. I believe that I will do well next time.”

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