A large crowd of people wearing uniforms in downtown Seoul… why?

 About 12,000 Taekwondo practitioners succeeded in a group demonstration at a ceremony commemorating the designation of Taekwondo as Korea’s ‘National Flag’ (國技), setting a new Guinness World Record.

Kukkiwon, the Korea Taekwondo Association, and the Taekwondo Promotion Foundation co-hosted the 2023 ‘National Flag’ Taekwondo Hanmaeum Grand Festival around Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul on the 25th.

The highlight of the event was the order in which the participants put on taekwondo uniforms and demonstrated ‘Taegeuk 1 Jang’ as a group.

According to Kukkiwon, the number of participants on this day is estimated to be 20,000, and 12,533 people challenged the World Guinness organization for the most demonstrations, and 12,263 of them succeeded, setting a new record.

The previous record was a successful demonstration of Taegeuk 1 by 8,212 people at the ‘Taekwondo Shout for Peace’ event held on the lawn square of the National Assembly on April 21, 2018.

The event marked the 5th anniversary of the passing of the National Assembly on March 30, 2018, by the ‘Partially Amended Act on the Promotion of Taekwondo and Creation of Taekwondo Parks (Taekwondo Act)’, which states that ‘Taekwondo is the national flag of Korea’. It was created to commemorate

The bill was co-sponsored by 225 lawmakers from the ruling and opposition parties, led by Lee Dong-seop, the current head of the Kukkiwon, who was then a member of the National Assembly in his 20s and president of the National Assembly Taekwondo Federation. Through this bill, taekwondo is the only ‘national sport’ recognized by law among domestic sports.

Kukkiwon President Lee Dong-seop and Chairman Jeon Kap-gil, World Taekwondo Federation (WT) President Cho Jung-won, Asian Taekwondo Federation President Lee Kyu-seok, Korea Taekwondo Association President Yang Jin-bang, and Taekwondo Promotion Foundation Chairman Oh Eung-hwan attended the event.

In addition, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, National Assembly Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee Chairman Hong Ik-pyo, National Assembly member Kwon Seong-dong, National Assembly member Hong Moon-pyo, president of the Taekwondo Federation, and former Prime Minister Jang Sang were also present.

Kukkiwon also presented an honorary 8th dan certificate to Mayor Oh Se-hoon, who actively supported and supported the event.

Participants in the group demonstration transcended generations, from children to seniors in their 80s. About 300 foreigners residing in Korea also attended.

Overseas, around 10,000 Kukkiwon Member Dojang (KMS) trainees demonstrated one Taegeuk at the same time in their respective dojos.

At the event, a variety of things to see, such as demonstration performances by 30 or so Taekwondo demonstrators from Midong Elementary School in Seoul, were also held. 먹튀검증

Fundraising was also conducted for the relocation and construction of the current Kukkiwon building.

Kukkiwon Director Lee Dong-seop said, “Through this event, you will be able to feel the proud Korea and the great Taekwondo.” I hope it will be an unforgettable time where everyone can come together and become one.”

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