A legend who has played with Lopez-Hector, why do people say this player has ‘that feeling’?

 An average ERA of 3.06 may not be an indicator of a limited class. However, KIA’s new foreign pitcher, Shawn Anderson (29), is a player who can be called an ‘ace’ even with such an average ERA. He keeps the rotation going, throws conscientiously, and sets the table for his team to win.

Anderson started the match against Samsung held at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 23rd and won his second win (2 losses) of the season with a good pitching of 4 hits, 1 walk, 6 strikeouts and 2 runs in 6⅓ innings. In the match against Sajik Lotte on the 18th, the previous appearance, he was somewhat hesitant (5 innings, 4 runs) and returned to the appearance of an inning eater.

He played an active game from the beginning of the game, and was able to reach the 7th inning by catching the two rabbits of results and pitch reduction to some extent. It is unfortunate that he did not complete the 7th inning, but he went up with his fourth quality start of the season (with 3 earned runs or less over 6 innings starting). He is 4 quality starts in 5 games. It’s a great indicator considering that his physical condition hasn’t improved since it’s the beginning of the season.

Detailed indicators are not bad either. His batting average is 0.218 and his on-base per inning (WHIP) is 0.93, which is stable. He gave up only four of his walks while striking out 20. It is an indicator that suggests that even if he will collapse from being hit in the future, there will not be many cases of collapsing on his own.

It is somewhat difficult to say that the number of strikeouts alone is overwhelming. Anderson’s strikeout rate per 9 innings is 5.6, which is not that high. However, KIA fans remember well the foreign pitchers who received the title of ace for stably leading the game even if they did not have an overwhelming number of strikeouts. Aquilino Lopez, who led the team to the Korean Series championship in 2009, and Hector Noesida, who was the main player in the Korean Series championship in 2017.

Lopez struck out 6.1 per nine innings. Rather than striking out, he threw a sinker well, which was rare in the KBO league at the time, induced a lot of ground balls and easily took innings easily. The total number of innings was 190⅓, which was a 128 game system at the time. Hector was a sloppy pitcher. The intensity control was very good. Hector also ate 206⅔ of his strikeouts per nine innings in 2016, despite just 6.05 strikeouts per nine innings. A lot of strikeouts on the way to an ace is not a 100% requirement.

Yoon Seok-min, a member of the ‘Spottime Baseball’ committee who has played both Lopez and Hector, said, “It’s not completely the same, but it feels like Lopez and Hector. In terms of fast tempo and aggressive matches,” he said, “the ball looks heavy. “I don’t have a high arm, but the advantage is the fastball. It’s not a fast ball like An Woo-jin or Moon Dong-ju these days, but it seems to have a faster subordinate to the feel of the batter. Since the fastball is good, I can use the slider and curve efficiently,” he pointed out the advantage. all.

He continued, “It’s not a style that allows for a straight hit easily even if a mismatch comes out. It should be seen that the pitch is good, but it should be seen that it tends to match the aggressive game tendency. The slider moves well both horizontally and vertically. He is not a player to attack easily. The key will be whether he can maintain this fastball until the end of the season,” he predicted. 카지노사이트

Anderson also has two pitching styles: strong pitching and using the slider to the fullest when strikeouts are needed, and hitting as much as possible using pitches when not. He is also Anderson, who set ‘200 innings’ as a symbolic goal, saying he knows the expectations the team places on him before the season. Currently, 32⅓ innings is the most innings digested in the KBO League. If you don’t get sick and maintain your pitch, you might be able to go beyond 180 innings.

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