“A player who can cheer up” Director Lee Seung-yeop’s ‘Captain’ Heo Kyung-min nomination background

Doosan Bears infielder Heo Gyeong-min, who celebrated his 15th year of debut this year, will wear a ‘C’ mark, meaning captain, on his uniform for the 2023 season. In a situation where he was clearly aware of his position and role, he became the captain of the Bears corps with the strong request of new head coach Lee Seung-yeop.

Heo Gyeong-min took his official first step as captain at the club’s 41st anniversary ceremony held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 16th. He delivered a short but clear message, “This year, with new coach Lee Seung-yeop, coaches, and players, we will make Doosan a strong team that will rise to a higher place again. Please take good care of us.”

Coach Lee believes that Heo Gyeong-min has enough qualities to become a good captain. As the league’s top third baseman, he was judged to be the right person to unite the team as one with thorough self-management and leadership, as well as running around the ground with a bright appearance.

For this reason, coach Lee requested that he take over as Jujing during a meeting with Heo Kyung-min during the finishing camp held at Bears Park in Icheon immediately after taking office in November of last year.  카지노,

Heo Kyung-min recalled that time and laughed, “When I first heard the coach’s words (to claim), there was silence for about 2 seconds.” After laughing, “The captaincy is not an easy position. I thought I had come,” he looked back.

What coach Lee asked Heo Gyeong-min for most was solidarity within the team. It was a simple and clear content that when fighting an opponent on the ground, you should stick together and there should be no internal discord. 

Coach Lee said, “Heo Kyung-min is not a quiet player. He can ‘cheer up’ and has the ability to take good care of seniors and juniors in the middle.” . And now I have reached the age where I have to make a claim,” he explained.

Also, “Heo Kyung-min has leadership and always thinks of team first. Baseball is a team sport and a year-round community.” I want to make it,” he said.

Heo Gyeong-min also said, “The coach said that there should be no enemies within the team. I will try to control this part well,” he promised.

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