‘Absence of tactics, career interruption’ still a question mark towards Cleansman

Michael Müller, chairman of the Korea Football Association’s Power Reinforcement Committee, explained to the media the background of the appointment of Jurgen Klinsmann as the new national team coach.

Other than the fact that Klinsmann has the personality to do the job well, several concerns, including his lack of tactical skills먹튀검증, have not been answered.

This is reporter Cho Seong-heum.


Chairman Muller said that coach Klinsmann was the top priority for negotiations that met the five criteria previously presented, such as expertise and experience.

<Michael Müller / Chairman of the KFA Power Reinforcement Committee> “Finally, we selected 5 candidates for coaching. We set priorities and started negotiations, and Klinsmann, who was the first priority, was appointed.”

He said that he was interested in Korean soccer by introducing an anecdote in which he played against Korea as a player during the 1994 World Cup in the United States and visited Korea as a commentator during the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan and was impressed by the fighting spirit of the Korean national team.

<Michael Müller / Chairman of the KFA Power Reinforcement Committee> “Coach Klinsman wanted to coach the national team. He was focused and motivated to be with Korea.”

Regarding the vacancy and lack of tactical competence, which are the biggest concerns about manager Klinsmann, he suddenly substituted the evaluation of “the human side is attractive” instead of objective items that will produce results as a manager.

<Michael Müller / Chairman of the KFA Power Reinforcement Committee> “Tactics alone are not the answer. Players must show their individuality and know how to handle star players well. Also, teamwork is important.”

Director Klinsman, who decided to stay in Korea for the duration of his contract for 3 years and 5 months, is scheduled to hold a press conference next week.

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