Ahn Young-gyu, ahead of the ‘Part 1 challenge’, “I will break the seal… I look forward to Ulsan and Jeonbuk the most” 

Ahn Young-gyu (34, Gwangju FC), who returned to the K-League 1 stage, threw a bold ballot toward 11 other teams.

Ahn Young-gyu helped Gwangju win the K-League 2 last season. Upon returning to Gwangju, he wore the captain’s armband and led the team with solid defense and leadership.

The result was a great success. Gwangju set a new K-League 2 victory point record (86 points) and took first place overwhelmingly. Ahn Young-kyu also had his best year, winning MVP as well as K-League 2 Best 11. 

Now it’s K League 1. Ahead of a new challenge, Ahn Young-kyu was determined but did not hide his excitement. We met on the morning of the 8th at the Parev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju-do, and said, “What we did well last year was what we did last year. We have to take on a new challenge. In a way, it is a team that starts at the bottom. There are no easy teams to watch, and they are all difficult opponents.” told

Next, Ahn Young-gyu said, “But if we unite as one like last year and prepare carefully for each game, we will get results. They are all good and strong teams, but we are not a team to be afraid of.” They say they will break the dojo in the first part of the transition. I want to break the dojang while meeting each team.”

Which team are you most looking forward to facing? Ahn Young-gyu mentioned two teams that are building a Yanggang structure. He said, “I want to see how much we’ve grown while playing against Ulsan or Jeonbuk. Last year, before the start of the season, we had a practice game against Ulsan. We lost 1-2. I want to see how much has changed since then.” eyes glistened.

He also brought up the story of Jeju, where director Ki-il Nam, the “teacher,” is located. Ahn Young-kyu said, “I’m looking forward to playing against Jeju. I’ve been with coach Nam Ki-il in the past. We still have a good relationship, but we’ll meet as opponents for now.” Shouldn’t you feel longing for me like that?” he joked.

I also did not forget the gratitude I feel for director Lee Jung-hyo, who I am currently working with. When he brought up coach Lee Jung-hyo’s story, he said, “When I do well, they praise me for doing well, but when I do poorly, they point out every detail. I am also a senior on the team, but I am a player who still needs to learn. He said카지노, “Thanks to that, I am growing more and thinking more while playing soccer. He also instills a lot of awareness about modern soccer,” he praised.

In addition, Ahn Young-gyu said, “(The coach) gives feedback right away the moment he sees a problem on the playground. If he can’t do it on the playground, he makes it stronger, but after training, he calls him separately and tells him well. He has a weak mind. It brings back the mood you had before.”

As long as he has been captain for the second year, the responsibility is different. Ahn Young-kyu said, “Individual goals are important, but the team always comes first. I am also the captain. As a senior player, the first step is to lead the players by example.” But now I want to instill the perception that we are a strong team. I always tell the players, ‘We did well in part 2, but that’s part 2. Part 1 is another challenge. We have to become stronger and grow'” revealed

When the story of the young players on the team came out, Ahn Young-gyu burst into laughter. He said, “As you know, players these days don’t seem to have any fear or timidity. When I was young, I was very afraid that I wouldn’t talk well and make mistakes, but these days players don’t have that. They’re confident,” he said. “These days, kids are scary. I’m not good at it. When I say one word, two words come back.”

At the same time, Ahn Young-gyu said, “I feel relieved thanks to the young players full of ambition.” He said, “So there is no worry that the players may be afraid of part 1. Everyone wants to go out to the game and win, and want to do well. I don’t see any players who are afraid.” The team lives only when it’s good. The young players are leading the team well by brightening the atmosphere,” he said with a hearty smile.

Ahn Young-gyu meets his former team, Suwon Samsung, from the opening game. He entered the professional stage in 2012 wearing a Suwon uniform. He said, “I joined Suwon when I was a rookie, but unfortunately I couldn’t play. But since it’s my first team, I have a bigger desire to win.” The situation is different. I have also grown a lot. I want to win at Big Bird once.”

Director Lee Jeong-hyo, who had attended the press conference earlier, expressed his discomfort at last year’s Media Day, saying that he was in a bad mood because Gwangju was being treated like a “dog.” Ahn Young-gyu felt the same way.

He said, “I also went to Media Day last year. Whether it was the prediction of the winning team or not, the name of Gwangju didn’t even come out. After it was over, I told the coach, ‘Honestly, I’m in a bad mood. My pride hurts a lot. I get angry.’ He asked me to show him”, looking back at that time.

Ahn Young-gyu continued, “When coach did the first exercise this year, ‘Who knew we would win last year? It was us and you guys who broke that. Let’s do it with confidence’. ‘This year will be the same. No one expects it. ‘ and continued to motivate us so that we could do it again. Everyone underestimated us, but the results were very good. By the end of the day, I thought, ‘They showed us the results so that they would regret not choosing us at that time’, so I felt happy. It was good,” he added.

What is the personal dream Ahn Young-gyu is drawing? He said, “My personal goal is to play consistently without getting hurt. I have played 231 games now, and I also have a goal to retire after playing 300 games. I need to prepare and manage better.”

Lastly, Ahn Young-gyu greeted Hong Jeong-ho, a friend he met again. Having won the ‘K League 2 MVP’ last year, he was waiting for a meeting with ‘K League 1 MVP’ Jung-ho Hong.

When the story of Hong Jeong-ho came up, he said, “We communicate with each other sometimes. He is a friend that I am really envious of and proud of. Even though we are in the same position, we won the MVP in the first division. I gained a lot of confidence watching Jeong-ho. I think if we prepare well, we will have a good chance of winning. After the game, I will greet you again with a smile.”

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