‘Are you a freshman?’ Kyung Hee University Kim Seo-won leads the team to victory with seasoned game management

Kyung Hee University Kim Seo-won showed off her fighting spirit from injury and took the lead in the team’s victory. 

Kyunghee University, where Kim Seo-won played a big role, won 65-57 in the match against Dankook University in the 2023 KUSF U-League held at Kyunghee University Seonseunggwan on the 25th. 

Kim Seo-won, who played from the bench due to an injury in the match, played 28 minutes and 36 seconds, contributing to the team’s victory with 11 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists. 

Kim Seo-won said, “I played really hard because I know that the opponent Dankook University is a high-ranking and strong team. I did well as I prepared and I am really happy with the good results.” 

Kim Seo-won, who plays a large part in the team despite being a freshman, played from the bench due to an injury. There were also poignant moments. In the process of breaking through, he collided with the opponent’s big man and received a big shock to his back.

Kim Seo-won said, “My back was bruised momentarily, but I’m in good shape. But the injury on the shin side is a concern. The injured part is the part that needs rest. Still, the coaches and coaches are considerate of me, so I’m managing my condition.” 

On this day, Kim Seo-won worked hand-to-hand with Hwang Young-chan, a 4th grader, and faced the opponent’s strong pressure. However, because it was Kim Seo-won, who was not in my condition, the burden on Hwang Young-chan was great. 

In response, Kim Seo-won confessed, “I’m sorry that (Hwang) Young-chan couldn’t be of much help to my brother. I’m not in good shape, but I want to help a lot from the next game. Currently, every game is an important situation, and all the players are desperate.” . 토토사이트

This season, Kyung Hee University has many resources that stand out, such as Kim Seo-won, Kim Su-oh, and Lim Seung-chae. That’s why coach Kim Hyeon-guk also said, “Next season and after that will be better than this season.” 

Kim Seo-won pledged, “Currently, (Hwang) Young-chan is playing with my brother, but from next season, I will be the main ball handler, so I have to improve my game management skills.

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