Are you worried about KIA lefty overflowing? ERA 1.47 8 players in the first team up to Geelongman

 Will all 8 lefties make it to the first team?

The KIA Tigers pitched left-handers. Arizona’s spring camp, which starts on February 1st, will feature 18 pitchers. Among them, 8 are left-handed pitchers. Being on the camp list means that you are in the first team this year. Making good use of the 8 rich left-handed pitchers was also a task. 

Among the five starters, Yang Hyeon-jong and Lee Eui-ri each took one spot. Yang Hyeon-jong is an immovable starting pitcher, challenging 170 innings for 9 consecutive years. If you add 4 wins, you will surpass the 162 wins of Hanwha legend Jeong Min-cheol and rise to second place with the most wins ever. Eui-ri Lee challenges 10 wins for two consecutive years. Attention is focusing on whether he will step up as a KIA ace along with participating in the WBC tournament. 

Lee Jun-young, who is in his ninth year of joining the club, took a career high in the 2022 season. He struggled as the only left-handed pitcher in the bullpen, pitching in as many as 75 games. He went 1-1 with 1 save and 17 holds, and an earned run average of 2.97. The angle of the slider became sharper and the speed-up led to better results. He has a solid position as a winning man for the second year. 

Suddenly, three new left-handers appeared. Kim Dae-yu, who won 37 holds in the 2021-2022 season at LG, joined. He was selected as a compensation player for free agent catcher Park Dong-won’s transfer. Expectations are high as the main pillar of the bullpen. Kim Ki-hoon returned from discharge at the end of last season and played in 5 games. He showed off his 150km fastball and stable control. It can be used both as a starter and as a bullpen. 

Expectations for special rookie Yoon Young-cheol are also high. His pitching, speed, breaking ball, and mound management ability are immediately evaluated as a sense of power. Coach Kim Jong-guk announced that he would have Yun Young-cheol compete for selection along with Kim Ki-hoon in field training. Even if he is not a starter, he can be utilized as a long man. Along with Lee Eui-ri and Kim Ki-hoon, he is part of a young left-handed trio. 헤라카지노도메인

Kim Yoo-shin, who was dropped in the second round of 2018, was also included in the camp list. Expectations were raised as a key selection agent, but it has not bloomed yet. Even after returning from military service, he did not perform well for two years. Speedup did not happen. With the emergence of left-handed starters, they are in a crisis of survival. This year, we are in a desperate situation where we need to improve our performance. 

Choi Ji-min, who is in his second year, is also raising expectations. He earned the 2022 2nd 1st round selection and pitched impressively in spring camp. He raised his expectations, but he fell into a difficult situation and failed to become a first-team power. He only appeared in 6 games. However, he gained confidence by participating in the Australian League as a member of Geelong Korea. He posted a 1.47 earned run average with 2 saves in 17 games. He strikes out as many as 18 in 18⅓ innings. 

All 8 left-handers cannot enter the first team entry. Right-handed pitchers such as Lim Ki-young, Jeon Sang-hyun, Jeong Hae-young, Yoon Joong-hyeon, and Yoo Seung-cheol, as well as two foreign starters with definite entries (Adonis Medina and Sean Anderson), should be used. The fierce left-handed competition was also worth watching. The use of overflowing left-handed pitchers is also noteworthy. 

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