Assault during member baseball? what kind of bullshit is this

Not long ago, a shocking video was released through social media.

The place was Namyangju, where baseball was held. This is a place where a league in Namyangju is held, and general baseball fans who have difficulty living a hobby due to work life on weekdays use the weekend to compete in good faith. So, the games are divided into Saturday league and Sunday league, and surprisingly many teams participate. The Social League can be a very good re-socialization space in that people who are hungry for baseball can relieve stress by playing directly on the ground and meet people with the same hobby.

However, in that nice space, something that I shouldn’t have done as an adult happened, raising the eyebrows of the viewers. Bench clearing occurred due to a minor misunderstanding between the two teams, and one person suddenly put on a spike and fired an air kick (?) toward the opposing team player. If it went wrong, it could have turned into a big fight, but after that, the situation was settled well and the game ended. What kind of ugliness are

people who like baseball ?

The situation occurred in a Saturday League Group B match in Namyangju. Team A, which was leading the game by a large score difference, made a safe second base situation by attempting to steal the base immediately after the first batter on the offensive line reached base with a heavy hit in the beginning of the 5th inning. At this point, the score difference reached 14 points. However, the pitcher threw an out-of-control ball toward the batter, and the catcher was unable to throw to second base. After that, the score broke again, and the score gap widened even more. The bench clearing came right at the end of Team A’s attack in the top of the 5th inning.

Suddenly, swear words came out from Team B’s dugout, and the players from both teams began to mix. Even when the situation really entered the phase, player 54 said, “I’ll stay XX after the game,” and cursed that he couldn’t bear to write. On YouTube, where the video remains intact, ‘What would you do if even a child followed you?’ I heard swear words that were embarrassing to put in my mouth. In the field of those who learned enough to learn, it was such an act that I wondered what kind of ugliness.

Most of the comments on the video continued to denounce those who assaulted them. However, there was also an explanation from a person who was at the scene in this regard. The point was, why steal a base with a big score difference? It is said that the opponent assaulted the opponent. In response, the victim demanded an apology, but the answer that came back was an absurd story, “I’m sorry, but if you steal bases like that, you can’t play baseball in the future. Will you continue playing baseball? You won’t be able to play baseball. You can really get hit.” It is said that the situation has now been reported to the police. It is unknown whether a police investigation was conducted, but it is clearly not common sense for the act of kicking off an amicable reconciliation through an apology.

Baseball as a member of society is obviously different from professional baseball. If you’re a pro, there’s an unspoken promise to refrain from stealing bases in win-lose situations. Because they think it’s manners. That doesn’t mean you can’t steal. This is because such tacit promises are not specified in the rules. However, in the case of social baseball, there are many variables that do not know what will happen. The 5th game lasts for well over 2 hours. Therefore, it is not uncommon for double-digit score differences to reverse. When you can run away, you can prevent such misfortune by running away steadily. In that respect, despite the double-digit score difference, the act of stealing a base for an extra run deserves applause, at least in baseball, a member of society. 메이저사이트

Social baseball or baseball clubs do not receive money, but pay a certain level of membership fees and lead a hobby. In such a space, of course, winning feels good. However, there is no need to be upset if you lose. You just have to be grateful that you played a good game. In that respect, those who recklessly assaulted the ground should be excluded from the game even on their own.

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