Bad legs, no infield confidence…The Goodrum Dilemma, solved in right field.

The Lotte Giants are facing a dilemma with their foreign hitter, Nico Goodrum.

Goodrum will start in the sixth spot in right field against the NC Dinos at NC Park in Changwon on April 8. It will be his first start in right field this season. He made one start in left field against the Jamsil Doosan on July 26.먹튀검증

Called up as a replacement for Zack Rex’s knee injury, Goodrum was expected to be a utility player who could play any position in the infield, including second and third base, and the outfield, especially as an offensive upgrade at third base.

However, as it turns out, Goodrum has underperformed on both sides of the ball. To put it bluntly, the disappointment is growing. In 34 games, he’s batting just 2-for-7 (34 hits in 126 at-bats) and has yet to report a home run. With an OPS of .689, it’s close to a failing grade for a foreign player’s production.

Most of all, I’m worried about his defense. Since joining the team in the second half, he has already committed 10 errors. All of them were critical errors that led to game-winning runs. On the 6th, he started at shortstop in the Ulsan Samsung Electronics game and fumbled after Oh Jae-il’s grounder in the second inning. It led to a bases-loaded situation and a run.

The pain in his left hamstring, which he was already dealing with, was the reason why Goodrum was not performing at 100%. His steps in the infield have been jumbled and he hasn’t been able to put much power into his at-bats.

Acting manager Lee Jong-woon is seeing Goodrum’s confidence drop, but there’s nothing he can do about it. There is no replacement for Goodrum and injuries are everywhere. He has to find a way to keep Goodrum on the field. In the end, Goodrum will start in right field against Changwon NC on Aug. 8.

Acting head coach Lee Jong-woon said, “I feel like I lost my confidence, so my pace dropped a lot. My legs are not good, so it’s hard to move and my balance is not right,” he said. “However, in the outfield, there are less instantaneous starts than in the infield. In the infield, the instantaneous movements are burdensome, so I don’t think I have good balance in the outfield. He’s not a player who hasn’t seen the outfield, so we’re trying to take some of the pressure off his defense,” he said, explaining Goodrum’s move to right field.

Yoon has been out of the starting lineup for three straight games due to fatigue and occasional pain in his left quadriceps. The starting lineup is Jung-hoon (right field), Lee Jung-hoon (designated hitter), Ahn Chi-hong (second base), Jeon Jun-woo (left field), Kim Min-seok (center field), Gudrum (right field), Yoo Kang-nam (catcher), Noh Jin-hyuk (shortstop), and Park Seung-wook (third base). The starting pitcher is Charlie Barnes.

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