Baek Ji-seon’s mercenary skills worked… HL Anyang, Asia League ‘Miracle Championship’

HL Anyang achieved a unified victory with a dramatic overtime win.

HL Anyang, led by coach Baek Ji-seon, won 2-1 with Kang Yun-seok’s winning goal in the 2nd period of overtime against the Hokkaido Red Eagles in Game 5 of the Asia League Ice Hockey Playoff Finals (5 matches, 3 wins) held at Anyang Ice Rink on the 26th. Reaped. 

HL Anyang, with a series record of 3 wins and 2 losses, won the 7th championship in total. It is a new record for the most wins since the launch of Asian League Ice Hockey. HL Anyang also won the regular league and championship match in six years. It is only the fourth overall win.

In this tournament, which resumed after 2 years and 7 months in the aftermath of Corona 19, HL Anyang overcame difficulties with coach Baek Ji-sun’s mercenary skills and the team’s tenacious fighting spirit. HL Anyang could not properly train in Korea due to the aftermath of Corona 19, and there is no foreign player except for Matt Dalton, a goalie with dual citizenship.

However, seasoned seniors such as Kim Ki-seong, Kim Sang-wook, Lee Don-goo, and Shin Sang-woo took the center stage, and newcomers such as Lee Jong-min, Song Jong-hoon, Lee Joo-hyung, Kim Gun-woo, and Oh In-gyo energized the team, following Japanese teams that had solid power through their own league even during the COVID-19 hiatus. turned

In particular, after losing the first game of the playoff finals, they showed off their potential by winning the second and third games, and were in crisis with a 0-1 loss in the fourth game, but it was the players who won the bloody battle from the fifth game to the second period of extra time. gives a glimpse of the ‘indomitable spirit’ of

In Game 5, HL Anyang took the lead with a goal by Ki-Sung Kim in the 1st period, but allowed an equalizer at the end of the 2nd period, and had to play overtime in the 3rd period as they were unable to tie the game.

Going into overtime, the two teams were tied for 20 minutes in the first period, and the two teams went into the second overtime, and HL Anyang suffered a dizzying moment when the puck hit the goal post in the 4th minute of the second period. 온라인바카라

However, HL Anyang, which reorganized the lineup, was able to achieve a dramatic victory when 10 minutes into the second period of overtime, defender Oh In-gyo, wearing last year’s HL uniform, connected a pass close to the goal, and striker Kang Yun-seok, who joined in 2018, finished the pass. As the match ended, the bloody battle of 90 minutes and 13 seconds came to an end.

Yang Seung-jun, general manager of HL Anyang, said, “It is a victory achieved by coach Baek Ji-seon and other players as one despite difficult circumstances. Coach Baek tried to lighten the burden on the team by saying, “Let’s enjoy it until the end,” and the players reciprocated by playing hard.”

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