Boras who will make ‘Jackpot’ Lee Jeong-hoo

Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom Heroes) joined hands with Major League (ML) special agent Boras Dan. Boras has a deep relationship with Korean players, starting with Park Chan-ho (retired) in 2001, Choo Shin-soo (SSG Landers) in 2013, and Ryu Hyun-jin (Toronto Blue Jays) in 2019.

Boras is famous for negotiating with the club by raising the ransom of players as much as possible by analyzing future values ​​such as potential as well as referring to various game data of players who have signed a contract with him. The player is good, but from the perspective of the club that pays the down payment, Boras is inevitably uncomfortable. But it’s not easy to let go of him. This is because many players are looking for Boras after signing a special contract, so it is not easy to form a team without Boras. This is why the word ‘evil agent’ comes out among clubs. In this respect, it is possible to gauge the extent of Boras’ ML dominance.

Among the Korean players who entered ML, there are many players who hit the so-called ‘jackpot’ through Boras. After the 2013 season, Choo Shin-soo signed a 7-year, 130 million dollar (approximately 160.4 billion won) contract with the Texas Rangers. At the time of his contract, he was the highest paid Asian player ever. Boras also led Hyunjin Ryu’s posting contract in 2012 and free agent (FA) contract in 2019. After the 2019 season, he headed to Toronto and signed a four-year, $80 million (approximately 98.7 billion won) contract. After the 2001 season, Park Chan-ho signed a contract with the Texas Rangers for 5 years and 60 million dollars (approximately 74 billion won, currently). It was the highest contract ever signed by a pitcher for a Texas club. 먹튀검증

Boras’ ability to do this comes from the fact that he was a former player and experienced unfair treatment during his minor league career. Boras played in college, where he was drafted in the ML Draft and played for the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs. Then, it was said that he was dissatisfied with the club’s treatment of players while living in the minor leagues due to his knee injury. Eventually, after ending his career as an athlete, Boras obtained a doctorate in pharmacy and entered law school to study law. After joining a law firm in 1982, he entered the path of a professional baseball agent the following year. At the time, he did not have a proper evaluation of players’ abilities, and he used to appoint players in a fist-fighting way, such as club connections. In response, Boras showed ransom negotiations using various data, such as negotiations using the player’s statistical records.

The players signed with him boast the highest annual salaries. At the time of his contract, he is not just a high ransom, but also has excellent actual skills, which shows that negotiating with Boras is never a loss from the club’s point of view. The case of New York Mets Max Scherzer is worth a reference. As of last year, he earned $59.33 million (about 71.9 billion won). It is by far the first among all ML players, and this is the largest amount in major league history on a per-year basis.

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