Bundesliga winger Lee Dong-jun transfers to Jeonbuk… After Amano, from Ulsan to Jeonju

‘Speed ​​Racer’ Lee Dong-jun (25, Hertha Berlin), who entered the German Bundesliga, will make a U-turn to the K-League. The destination is Jeonbuk Hyundai, which is trying again to win the K-League 1 next season.

An official familiar with the transfer market said on the 16th, “The procedure for Lee Dong-jun to join Jeonbuk with a complete transfer has been completed. It will be announced soon,” he said. Jeonbuk recently signed a series of players from rival Ulsan Hyundai, including Japanese midfielder Jun Amano and Lee Dong-jun.

Lee Dong-jun, who made his professional debut at Busan I-Park in 2017, showed off his explosive speed and scoring ability despite his short stature of 173 cm. Then, after receiving a love call from manager Hong Myung-bo, who took the helm of Ulsan last year, he moved the enemy. That year, he played 32 games in the league alone, recording 11 goals and 4 assists. His K-League career record was 132 games, 35 goals and 16 assists.

Prior to the 2022 season, Lee Dong-jun participated in the national team’s training camp in Turkey, then received a love call from Hertha Berlin and headed to Europe. He wanted to be a force in the re-challenge of Ulsan from Hongmyeong Boho, but he could not miss the opportunity to advance to the European big leagues he longed for.

Immediately joining Hertha Berlin in the second half of the 2021-2022 season as a power source, he immediately made his debut and drew his soft landing. However, he played just four league games in his debut season as he suffered a knee injury that left him out of the lineup.

It has been an injury nightmare ever since. During a pre-season game last July, he suffered a leg muscle injury, and recently injured his left ankle. In the meantime, coach Sandro Schwartz and other coaches have classified Lee Dong-jun as out of power메이저사이트. He did not play a single game in the 2022-2023 season.

While adapting to the European stage, Lee Dong-jun aimed to qualify for the Qatar World Cup. However, due to bad luck with an injury, he couldn’t achieve his dream, and he had to spend an anxious time. Naturally, a reversal was necessary. In the first place, there was talk that he might make a comeback in the form of a loan to his former team, Ulsan. However, it was not only coach Kim Sang-sik’s active courtship that he joined hands with Jeonbuk, but several conditions were met.

Lee Dong-jun receives an annual salary of around 1 billion won at Hertha Berlin, and Jeonbuk treated him at a level appropriate to it. Also, there is no player in Jeonbuk who is young and possesses the highest level of speed like Lee Dong-jun. This is one of the backgrounds that led to the complete transfer. On the other hand, another speedy winger Eom Won-sang, who was recruited as a replacement for Lee Dong-jun, played a big role in Ulsan this year, contributing to the team’s victory. There are also wingers with individual tactics like Baco. An official in the transfer market said, “When looking at each other’s needs, it seems that Jeonbuk was more suitable for Lee Dong-jun. He has a strong will to return to the national team after recovering his form in the familiar K-League by treating the injured area well.”

Recently, Jeonbuk succeeded in signing Amano, who contributed greatly to the Ulsan championship in the 2022 season, on loan from the original team, Yokohama Marinos. If Lee Dong-joon joins this, you will have two people who know ‘Recent Ulsan’ well at the same time. The championship competition between the two teams next season is expected to become even hotter due to the existence of the two.