Can Manchester United say goodbye to the Glazer family?

Manchester United, a strong player in the English Premier League (EPL), is a popular club with fans all over the world. The team’s fans around the world are now keeping their eyes on the news coming from England. It is about whether the Glazer family will sell the team. The Glazer family, which is an American capital, is known as the ‘evil owner’ to fans. After taking over Manchester United in 2005, he has been criticized for neglecting to invest and leading the team to a dark period. Whenever a game is held, it is easy to spot pickets from fans asking the Glazers to sell their team and leave.

Finally, on the 17th (local time), the news fans had been waiting for came. The AFP news agency reported citing an Iones spokesperson that James Ratcliffe, a billionaire who owns Ineos, a world-class chemical company, is in a bid to take over Manchester United. Manchester United previously announced that it would sell the club in November last year. At the time, the Manchester United board said, “We will consider all strategic alternatives, including new investments and sales in the club.” 

Ratcliffe, who founded Ineos in 1998 and raised it as a global petrochemical company, has grown up as a fan of Manchester United since childhood. Here, he owns a football team, too. He even jumped into the Chelsea takeover bid last year with a fund of 4.25 billion pounds (about 6.48 trillion won), but was unsuccessful. Naturally, United fans have long identified him as the right man to become the club’s new owner.  먹튀검증

However, it is still unclear whether Ratcliffe will take over Manchester United and the Glazer family will completely step out of running the club. The British Mirror reported on the 23rd (local time) that “the Glazer family may hand over only a portion of the club and remain as Manchester United owners.” David Blitzer and Joshua Harris, who hold part of Crystal Palace, are potential investors Manchester United are considering selling. They had already joined a consortium to buy Chelsea last year, but were defeated by a group led by Todd Boelli. 

If this happens, the Glazer family will still remain the largest shareholder in Manchester United and will be able to exert a strong influence on the management of the club. The Mirror has already reported on the 22nd, “It is questionable whether the Glazer family wants to sell the entire Manchester United.” As a result, fans have no choice but to keep a keen eye on how the future Manchester United takeover will proceed.

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