Cho Hyun-taek, who experienced a ‘turning point’, now “It’s up to me”

Cho Hyeon-taek (22, Ulsan), a side defender who returned to Ulsan Hyundai, wanted to grow further on his own.

Ulsan Hyundai held a media camp press conference at Ulsan Lotte City Hotel on the 16th. After the press conference, the reporters were able to have an interview with a player from Ulsan.

Cho Hyun-taek’s face, which he met with OSEN, was tanned, probably because of the winter training that started on the 9th. Instead of Cho Hyun-taek, who had an immaculate face and slender body at Bucheon FC 1995 last season, it was a new, stronger-looking Cho Hyun-taek.

Cho Hyun-taek returned to the original team Ulsan ahead of the 2023 season. He said, “Ulsan is a winning team. As a member of the winning team, we have to faithfully do our part. I feel a sense of pressure.”

Cho Hyun-taek said, “Before I left the team, the first and second teams originally trained separately. Now all the players train together. It’s good. The weight training space has become much wider. Still, the club gave me the room I used in 2020 again. I gave it. It’s familiar, but it’s new,” he said.

He said, “In 2020, there were few opportunities to communicate with the hyungs. Since we trained with the 1st and 2nd groups, I could see their faces at least once during mealtime. Because I was so young and timid, it was difficult to approach the hyungs. Now, the hyungs come first. It’s comfortable to come and train with us. It’s more fun,” he said, talking about the changed team atmosphere.

As a result, it seems that I was able to approach seniors more easily. Cho Hyun-taek said, “I asked (Lee) Cheong-yong about the role and play style of a sideback that Ulsan pursues. I asked (Lee) Myung-jae about his defensive position and position during build-up. All the older brothers are good at it. Chung-yong hyung In particular, he says a lot of good things. When I play complacently, he pushes me. Myeongjae hyung and (Park) Yongwoo hyung also give me a lot of advice.”

There are many high-quality fullbacks in Ulsan. Cho Hyun-taek must survive the competition with them. But he wasn’t so intimidated. He said, “There are top-class players in each position. Rather than the will to play, they ask a lot of questions on the training ground and train with a learning mindset. It is different from last season, when they aimed for attack points. Ulsan even played in the game. It’s a competition. Rather than attacking points, I’m greedy for the participation itself.”

Still, he said, “My strong point is kicking. Passing is also good. I have Myeongjae-hyung in the same position. Kicking is good. He kicks stably. I think I have to do better.”

Cho Hyun-taek scored from a free kick in a match against Uzbekistan as a member of the U-23 national team led by head coach Seon-Hong Hwang in September last year. He showed a humble appearance, saying, “If you give me a chance, I will be greedy, but my brothers are very good at kicks. There are many people who are good at kicks.

Last season, Bucheon coach Lee Young-min, who played an active role in Bucheon, said many times that Cho Hyun-taek is a player who can grow further. In response, Cho Hyun-taek said, “After the season, I contacted the coach on his birthday. The coach said that he knows that I get discouraged so easily, so I can do well. (Oh) Jae-hyuk is in Jeonbuk, and I am in Ulsan, so Hyundai said I’ll watch them in the derby. He recalled, “I am always grateful.”먹튀검증

He said, “All the hyungs I was with in Bucheon talked about Ulsan.

Cho Hyun-taek said, “To be selected for the national team for each age group, you have to play regularly and show good performances in your team. It is difficult to hope for many appearances since you came to Ulsan. You have to prove it when the opportunity comes. It is important to run,” he stressed.

He also talked about his team Ulsan’s head coach Hong Myung-bo. Cho Hyeon-taek explained, “Although we haven’t been together for a long time, he is reticent. Even so, he carefully examines the physical condition of the players. He is warm. He wants to maintain a horizontal relationship between the coach and the players, not a top-down relationship.”

Cho Hyun-taek said that meeting coach Lee Young-min last season was the ‘turning point of his life’. Then, what does director Hong Myung-bo mean? After thinking about it for a while, Cho Hyun-taek replied, “Now it depends on how I do it. As a manager, you have to appoint good players. You can’t blame the coach. You just have to do well. It means you have to prove yourself when given the opportunity.”

Finally, Cho Hyun-taek said about his goal for the 2023 season, “My goal is to play as many games as possible. I want to play about 15 to 20 games.”

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