Chungnam Asan’s performance this season depends on the ‘Brazil Express’ Duarte

 Chungnam-Asan FC’s performance this season depends on Duarte (30, Chungnam-Asan), the ‘Brazil Express’.

Last season, Asan only scored 39 goals, which was disappointing. The lack of foreign players had a big impact. There is a big gap since Yoo Kang-hyun, the top scorer who scored 19 goals, moved to Daejeon. Off-season Asan succeeded in signing Duarte, who played for Ansan. It is no exaggeration to say that his performance먹튀검증 this season depended on his toes.

Duarte, whom we met at the Seogwipo training camp, said, “It is good to be on the Asan team. I played against them a lot from before, and it was an attractive team. I wanted to come because I learned a lot from director Park Dong-hyuk. I want to help the team’s performance.”

Duarte answered “15” to manager Park Dong-hyuk’s question, “How many offensive points will you do this season?” “I’ve done about 10 or more every year,” he said. I did it the year before and last year. That’s why I said 15. What the coach wants from me are goals and assists. If that is resolved, there will be a high possibility of advancing to the playoffs,” he said, showing strong confidence.Is there any pressure to fill the void left by Yoo Kang-hyeon? Duarte said, “I have no special feelings for Yoo Kang-hyun. There was always pressure for what the team expects from a foreign player and he has overcome it well,” he said, believing in himself. 

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