Chungnam National University, Kim Young-chan, Chairman of the Golf Zone Newdin Group, awarded an honorary doctorate

Youngchan Kim, chairman of Golfzone Newdin Group, received an honorary doctorate in technology management from the Department of Technology Practicalization and Convergence at Chungnam National University on the 3rd.

The Department of Technology Practicalization and Convergence at Chungnam National University was newly established this year to contribute to the qualitative growth of the entire process of utilizing and disseminating domestic public research achievements by fostering experts in technology commercialization in connection with local industries. was awarded

In May 2000, Chairman Kim established ‘Golfzon’, a screen golf venture company. Since then, through the transition to a holding company structure, it has grown into a global golf platform company that provides total golf services such as △field golf, △golf goods distribution, and △golf academy.

In particular, Chairman Kim emphasized the importance of IT technology and talent management, contributing to the development of the domestic golf industry by investing around 5% of Golfzon’s sales in R&D and recruiting 40% of its workforce as R&D personnel. are contributing

Chairman Kim is evaluated as having completely changed the paradigm of the global golf industry. In 2008, Daedeok Research Complex venture company achieved sales of KRW 100 billion for the first time, △ Daedeok Special Zone Innovative Technology Commercialization Grand Prize (2009), △ Sports Industry Award Presidential Citation (2009), △ Venture Business Award, Stone Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit (2009), △ Received the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award (2016), the grand prize at the Korea New Growth Management Awards.

He has also been recognized for his achievements by winning the first place in the ‘2022 Most Influential Person in the Asian Golf Industry’ by ‘Golf Inc’.스포츠토토

Chairman Kim Young-chan said, “I think the key to the success of Golfzon New Dean Group’s management is constant R&D investment for IT innovation.” Furthermore, we will do our best to showcase the excellence of Korea’s IT technology on the world stage.”

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