Colleagues who fell in love with Lee Da-hyun’s charm in ‘The Girl Who Blows the Pipe’, ‘There is no exit’

 ‘Dahyeon playing the flute’ Da-Hyeon Hyundai E&C, who always shows off her cheerful energy, appeared on the court for pre-game training, and players from both teams flocked to her.

Hyundai E&C, which had been running 12 consecutive wins without a single loss since the opening of this season, played against GS Caltex in the third round at the Suwon Indoor Gymnasium on the 15th.

6 pm. One hour before the start of the match, the players from both teams met on the court prior to the official training and exchanged greetings after leaving the game for a while. Even though the uniforms they wear are different, women’s volleyball has a strong camaraderie. At this time, Lee Da-hyun of Hyundai E&C, who appeared on the court, seemed to be full of excitement on this day as well.

The first thing Lee Da-hyun did after appearing with a massager on her right shoulder was a greeting. Lee Da-hyun approached the GS Caltex seniors who were stretching on the court and greeted each and every one of them.

Her co-workers gathered around her without realizing it. It was like a girl playing the flute. Just as Lee Da-hyun was about to leave after greeting the GS Caltex players, Kang So-hui pulled his brother’s arm. Kang So Hui, who was unable to play due to his shoulder injury, encouraged his younger brother by stroking Lee Da-hyun’s shoulder, who was wearing a massager. 안전놀이터

On the other hand, Lee Da-hyun of Hyundai Construction, who participated in the game that day, completely filled the vacancy of Yang Hyo-jin, who was absent due to the confirmation of Corona 19. Lee Da-hyun scored 9 points, including 3 blocking, and led Hyundai E&C to 13 consecutive wins, the most in the opening, along with Yasmin (31 points), Hwang Min-kyung (18 points), and Na Hyun-soo (10 points).