Colombia match four days away… ‘Custom Training’

The national team, which entered Australia 10 days ago, has been using the local school field as a temporary training ground for five days before the first match, in accordance with the rules of the competition that allow the use of an official training ground.

The players who finished the first round of training while receiving a warm farewell from the school students,

[Korea! korea! Korea!]

[Lee Young-joo/Women’s World Cup defender: (Students who supported us) I think we should call for the game against Colombia. You are good at supporting me. Thank you. Bye~]

Yesterday (20th) when the competition opened, we entered our own ‘official training ground’.

At the ‘official training ground’ adorned with a large Taegeukgi and cheering phrases from fans, they started ‘customized’ tactical training under strict security.

To manage the last-minute condition, training twice a day was reduced to once, and starting tomorrow, the training time will be set to 12:00 noon local time when the game against Colombia will be held.

[Jeon Eun-ha/Women’s World Cup striker: I’m a bit nimble, but I think I’ll get some work this time. So, I would appreciate it if you could support me a lot.]카지노

In today’s match (21st), Spain and Switzerland of Europe won side by side.

Spain beat Costa Rica 3-0 and Switzerland beat World Cup first-timers the Philippines 2-0.

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