Corea Missing Don To Ohtani? “The Mets are waiting” Already rumored to be recruited

Although it was canceled due to medical test problems, the New York Mets’ attempt to recruit Carlos Correa shocked the major league industry. This is because the Mets, whose total annual salary has already exceeded the luxury tax standard, tried to give Correa a 12-year, $315 million contract.

If it was another club, I wouldn’t have even tried it. The Mets were a team that had to pay the luxury tax even before reaching an agreement with Correa, and that set a new record for total annual salary.

However, the driving force of owner Steve Cohen was beyond imagination. When there were signs that the agreement between Correa and San Francisco 먹튀검증 was going to go wrong, he immediately went in and set the table.

Anyway, Correa will wear a Minnesota uniform again, not a San Francisco or Mets. Now people wonder where Cohen’s owners, who couldn’t sign Correa, would put the money. Specifically, I wonder if he will jump into the war to sign Shohei Ohtani (Angels). And as expected, news came out that Cohen’s owner was watching Ohtani.

New York Post columnist and MLB Network panelist John Heyman said, “These days, Mets fans are excited because they can dream big. After Cohen took over, everything is possible with just one lift of his pen.” “Pitcher Ohtani is slated to sign the largest free agent contract ever at the end of this season. Cohen, a major art collector and collector of baseball players, has a chance,” he wrote.

Reporter Heyman said, “Cohen’s owner replied, ‘It’s hard to think about next year. quoted the article in its offseason rumors section, saying, “Nevertheless, the Mets appear to be at the center of the Ohtani race. He could sign a record-breaking contract. It remains to be seen if he will sign with the Mets. “If you’re going to bet your money, bet the Mets, which Cohen owns, a competitive offer for the 2021 American League MVP,” he added.

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