DB coach Kim Joo-sung, who dreams of rebuilding ‘DB Acid’, what did he emphasize most during off-season training?

“We emphasize physical fitness the most. We don’t want any injuries.”

DB had a tough time last season. They started the season with two straight losses. They then won five in a row, but their main players were still out of form. Add to that the injuries. This is why DB sank to the bottom of the standings.

Then, last season, DB made a big change. Longtime head coach Lee Sang-beom left the team. He was replaced by DB’s franchise star, Kim Joo-seong. Although he was only the acting head coach at the time, he managed to inject some of his own colors into the team. This was successful, and the team went on a five-game winning streak at the end of the season.

Unfortunately, the gap was too big and the team failed to make the playoffs, but they prepared for the next season by using the “triple post” until the end of the season.

The off-season began. DB hired Kim Joo-sung as their new head coach. They began off-season training to put on their colors. “We’ve started off-season training, and we’re putting the most emphasis on physical fitness. During the season, the most important thing is not to have any injuries. To do that, we need to prepare well now. That’s why it’s more important to prepare the players’ bodies than to put on the team colors,” he said, sharing the latest news on DB.

Kim has been leading the team as acting head coach since the middle of last season. This season, he is leading the team as a full-time head coach instead of an acting one. When asked about the difference between being an acting head coach and a head coach, Kim said, “Now I have to decide. I am thoroughly preparing for that. My decisions are the most important.”

In particular, Kim has been preparing for the next season by utilizing the ‘triple post’ to the fullest last season. “For now, we will play the triple post next season. With the addition of Lawson, it’s possible for Kim Jong-kyu and Kang Sang-jae to coexist. We will practice that part. The reason we used the triple post last season was for this season, and Lawson’s role is important for that. He has to be the middle leg,” he said, emphasizing the role of Dedrick Lawson (202 cm, F).

Coach Kim also said, “The trend in basketball these days is fast basketball. We also use the triple post, but we want to play fast basketball. Whether we succeed or not, we want to have fun with fast basketball, but we will work out the details through practice and games,” Kim said.

DB did not sign Dare in the offseason free agency market. However, the team was able to sign Min-seong-soo (197 cm, F) and Kim Young-hyun (186 cm, G), who are considered the hidden winners of the free agency market. “They’re both hard-working players,” Kim said. That’s why I looked at them. Kim Young-hyun works hard on the court. I’m satisfied. We played together. I know his ability. If he shows good form, it will be good for him and the team.” He expressed his satisfaction.먹튀검증

Finally, when asked about his goals for the season, Kim said, “Of course, the goal is to win the championship. (Laughs) But we haven’t been to the playoffs for two or three years. I want to make it to the playoffs first and then prepare for the rest,” he said, making the playoffs his primary goal.

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