Defending Champion Kim Ga-young First Victory. Kim Ye-eun, come-from-behind victory over MZ generation rival Yong Hyun-ji – SK World Championship

Gayoung Kim got her first win. Although it was difficult to hit continuously, she defeated Oh Ji-yeon 2-0 and took first place in Group B. In the MZ generation rivalry between Kim Ye-eun and Yong Hyun-ji, Kim Ye-eun came from behind to win 2-1.

Lim Gyeong-jin and Park Ji-hyeon also made one win.

Defending champion Gayoung Kim won the first round of the round of 32 preliminary league (JTBC Studio Ilsan) at the ‘2023 SK Rent-A-Car LPBA Championship’ held on the 3rd (JTBC Studio Ilsan), and won 11:9 after struggling through the first set to 17 innings.

The 2nd set was a bit better though바카라. He won 11:9 with 2 consecutive hits in 7 innings.

Kim Ga-young started the first inning with 3 consecutive hits, but was beaten 3:7 by Oh Ji-yeon, who fired 3 consecutive hits and 4 consecutive hits in the 2nd and 3rd innings. However, she caught up with 3 consecutive hits in 4 innings and succeeded in attacking in 3 consecutive innings, resulting in a complete victory.

The fight between Kim Ye-eun and Yong Hyun-ji was fierce. Like a rival match, both of them failed to show their usual skills, but they played a seesaw game.

In the first set, Yong Hyun-ji, who shot 3 consecutive hits in 2 innings and 4 consecutive hits in 12 innings, competed for 15 innings and won 11:6. Kim Ye-eun hit 12 innings, including 6 consecutive hits.

In the second set, Kim Ye-eun won 11:10, laying the foundation for victory. Kim Ye-eun went out until 6:0 in the first half, but was hit by Yong Hyun-ji’s 4 consecutive hits in 10 innings and was turned around to 8:10.

However, when Yong Hyun-ji was unable to finish Dot-dae, she fired 3 consecutive hits in 11 innings.

The third set was also a defensive battle. Yong Hyun-ji caught up with Kim Ye-eun on four occasions with two consecutive hits by 7:8, but was unable to land a final blow and gave the win to Kim Ye-eun, who raised a match point in the 9th inning.

Park Ji-hyun defeated the first year champion Kim Gap-seon 2-0, and Lim Kyung-jin defeated Yun Gyeong-nam 2-1.

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