Director Kim Hee-jin and Kim Ho-chul, who lost their pace, “I can’t perform 100% because of a knee injury” 

“Kim Hee-jin is participating in every game, but due to a knee injury, he is not doing 100%.

” In an interview with GS Caltex before the game, he regretted Kim Hee-jin’s injury.

Kim Hee-jin is one of IBK’s best star players. However, his recent pace has not been very good. He only scored 9 points (attack success rate 33.33%) against Heungkuk Life Insurance on the 8th.

Coach Ho-cheol Kim, who said, “It is frustrating,” said, “Hee-jin Kim is playing in every game, but he is not doing 100% because of a knee injury. Because of the team situation, he has no choice but to play. He is unable to demonstrate 100% of his skills. Yuk Seo-young entered and is working hard, so I wonder if he should alternate between the two players and use them according to the situation at the time,” he lamented. 스포츠토토

IBK is in 6th place in the league with 7 wins, 13 losses and 22 points. However, it is not time to give up yet, with a 10-point gap with the 3rd place Korea Expressway Corporation (11-9, 32 points). In order to aim for third place, it is important to catch fourth place GS Caltex (9 wins, 11 losses, 28 points).

Coach Ho-cheol Kim said, “The players should know better than me that today’s game is important. Libero Shin Yeon-kyung is missing, but because I practiced, I will be able to play well without panic.”

Coach Ho-cheol Kim, who picked receiving as the point of the game that day, said, “When we won the last match, we used our strengths well. The part of defending and counterattacking was good. Right now, Shin Yeon-kyung, the axis of defense, is missing, so that part is away from me. I have to make up for it well, but I think I’ll know if it’s going to be good or not when I go into the game.

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