“Double the joy” Master-Wook Master, Open Division and Korea League win together

Although Master Wook is considered one of the strong teams representing the open division, this win had a different meaning. He won the Korean League men’s division together.

Master Wook won 21-14 in the final of the Korea League Men’s Open at the 2nd Inje Tournament of the ‘KBA 3×3 KOREA TOUR 2023’ against Hanul Construction held at the Inje Riding Center in Inje-gun, Gangwon-do on the 14th. In the final of the first competition, Master Wook Master, who lost to Sports & Co. 14-16 and swallowed regret, relieved his regret by winning the second competition.메이저사이트

The final score difference was 7 points, but a tight game continued until the middle of the game. Master Wook took the lead by tying up the activities of Gangnam-gu and Kim Dong-hoon, but later allowed Hanul Construction to turn around with Jo Joo-han and Baek Min-gyu’s gripping power.

However, Master Wook was the one with a strong back heart. Master-wook Kim successfully scored 4 points in a row by combining free throws and 2-point shots, and Master-wook, who succeeded in reversing, escaped from the pursuit of Hanul Construction by adding a point below the goal following Gangnam-gu’s spin move and Kim Dong-hun’s 2-point shot. Master-wook, who seized the victory, took the lead by 19-14, and Ji Jong-hyun even fired a 2-point shot to finish the game, and relieved his regret for finishing runner-up in the first round.

After the match, another good news was delivered. Master-wook won the Korea League men’s division by defeating Inje from the sky. As a result, Master Wook won the Open Division and the Korea League in the second competition.

Kim Dong-hoon, who was selected as the MVP by scoring 10 points in the finals of the open division, also expressed his doubled joy. Kim Dong-hoon said, “Personally, it was a 3×3 debut stage, but he was able to win because he worked well with his teammates. He was selected as the MVP, and he is very happy. He also won the Korea League men’s division. The joy has doubled,” he laughed.

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