Dr.G Women’s Best Knight Final ‘New Refurbishment’

 The Dr.G Women’s Best Knight Final made a change this year. The final round, which had been conducted as an 8-man full league, has been changed to a quarter-final tournament in parallel with the revival of the losers.

The number of matches in the main round will be drastically reduced from the previous 28 editions to 13 editions. The final round was also shortened from the 5th round of the previous tournament to the 3rd round this time. The number of games to digest from the main round to the championship is a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8.

This is the third season of the women’s championship match. In the first year, it was held as ‘Hoban’, and this year is the second year after last year as ‘Dr.G’. The fact that the prize money for the winner was increased to 35 million won and the runner-up prize money was increased by 5 million won to 15 million won, respectively, is a different part of this Daehi.

The newly renovated 2023 Dr.G Women’s Top Knight Finals started the first round of preliminary rounds on the 2nd, and the opening ceremony was held at the Korean Kiwon Convention Hall on the 3rd, where the second round of preliminary rounds were held.

The opening ceremony was attended by players from the 2nd round, Lee Joo-ho, CEO of Gowoonsesang Cosmetics (the brand name of Dr. Ji), who sponsors the tournament, and Mi-hye Kim, general manager, Yang Jae-ho, secretary-general of Korea Kiwon, and Han Jong-jin, president of the Korea Knights Association. attended메이저사이트

CEO Lee Joo-ho said, “Just as we help healthy skin with cosmetics and help them live a full life, professional players give hope and healing to Go fans through fighting against themselves.” “Many people enjoy the joy of Go. I want to get to know you and help players to play the game they like without worrying about anything else.”

Four finalists will be selected in the preliminaries where 44 people, an increase of two from the previous year, have entered the competition. You have to win 3-4 games in a row to advance.

The four who passed the preliminaries will compete for the championship in the finals starting on June 12, along with the seeded Choi Jeong 9-dan, Kim Chae-young 7-dan, Oh Yu-jin 9-dan, and one wild card (undecided). The time limit is 60 minutes for the preliminaries and 100 minutes for the finals. The countdown is equal to 1 minute 3 times.

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