Even KBO legends were surprised by this rookie… “Attractive player, has all the good points”

 In the match between kt and SSG held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 20th, the player who drew the most attention was Song Young-jin (19), a right-handed high school graduate rookie who was selected for SSG. He had already shown unusual aptitude in previous appearances. Attention was focused on whether he would make bold pitching that would break SSG’s 4-game losing streak.

Song Young-jin, who graduated from Daejeon High School and was nominated in the 2nd round by SSG in the 2023 rookie draft, has been winning and winning with good pitch and control, and the ability to use various breaking balls. In the Incheon NC game on the 14th, he took the place of Kim Gwang-hyun, who was missing from the entry due to mild shoulder pain, and won a surprise debut victory by performing a reverse fight with no hits, 2 walks, 7 strikeouts, and no runs in 5 innings.

There are often cases in which a rookie puts unfamiliarity first and shows good performance in demonstration games or early season. Now, it was clear that resistance would become stronger as all teams were analyzing and vigilant against Song Young-jin. However, SPOTV commentator Jeong Min-tae, who was a legendary pitcher in the KBO League and Korean baseball, believed that Song Young-jin had the qualities in his body and mind to overcome them. He clearly has things to improve, but Commissioner Jeong’s assessment is that he has so many good things.

Commissioner Chung, who carefully observed Song Young-jin while commentating on the day, praised the overall pitching and quality. Since he is known as a leader who is picky about pitchers, it also means that he can see his great strength. Commissioner Jeong defined Song Young-jin in one word, “an attractive player.” It is also the legend’s tribute to the new player.

Commissioner Chung said, “The RBI is hitting from a fairly high place. The balls that are thrown down from above are showing their power.” There is no thin ball. It shows cutter movement. It is a ball that is difficult for hitters to hit as it bends little by little.” 스포츠토토

Even in the defensive situation, “(naturally after pitching), if the center is leaned to the left, it is not easy to catch a ball that goes to the right, but I caught it well. I am good at defense,” he said. walked

Song Young-jin’s highest speed on this day was 149.4 km per hour based on ‘Trackman’. He went out as a starter and showed this degree of restraint even though he had to adjust his pace in a situation where he had to digest more than 80 pitches. His fastball was so erratic that it was not easy to analyze his pitch. Even though they were thrown with the same grip, some balls had the axis of rotation of the four-seam, some the axis of rotation of the cutter, and some balls had the rotation axis of the two-seam. Commissioner Jeong also predicted that this could be an advantage.

Of course, there were also cold-hearted points of improvement. Commissioner Jeong pointed out, “The arm swing is long. If the center of gravity moves quickly before the arm comes over, the ball may float because the release point is not able to press (the ball).” In fact, on this day, when Song Young-jin was having difficulties in the 9th ball, the problems pointed out by Commissioner Jeong were often seen. An official from SSG’s power analysis also said, “Today’s arm swing got longer as the strength went into it.” said. It is now Song Young-jin’s job to make this constant.

On this day, Song Young-jin struggled as he could not receive defensive support in the early stages of the game despite the detailed indicators. As the walks piled up here, he was eventually replaced after digesting only 3 innings. The right-handed hitter’s low-outside fastball struggled without receiving a strike call, and overcoming it was postponed to the next appearance. As the team is on a losing streak, it was personally burdensome, and it may have been a struggle. Attention is focusing on whether he will be able to show further improvement as he gains experience and becomes a little more comfortable on the back.

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