Exciting winning shot Songdo High School defeated Sangsan Electronic High School to advance to the quarterfinals

Songdo High School dramatically succeeded in advancing to the quarterfinals.

Songdo High School defeated Sangsan Electronic High School, 88-86, in the 1st round of the 60th National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball Championship, which continued at Wooseul Gymnasium in Haenam, Jeollanam-do on the 18th. With 6 players including Lim Yeong-chan (188cm, F,C) scoring in double digits, Songdo High headed to the next round thanks to Wi Geon-woo (177cm, G,F)’s thrilling final score right before the game ended.

Sangsan Electronic High School was led by Do Hyun-woo (183cm, G,F), followed by Kim Do-hyeong (185cm, G,F), and Moon Se-young (190cm, F,C), but they failed to overcome the last hurdle and collapsed at the threshold of the quarterfinals.

A tight match unfolded throughout the game. Songdo-go steadily maintained its lead amid the even performances of the players. However, the potential of Sangsan Electronic High School was also formidable. With Do Hyun-woo at the forefront, a fierce battle was fought, scoring a goal.

While this pattern continued until the end, Songdo High School was slightly ahead in concentration. Entering the match, Songdo High gained momentum with Bang Seong-in’s consecutive goals, and just before the buzzer sounded at the end of the game, Wigan-woo’s layup shot shook the net and rang Sangsan Electronic High School.

In the match between Yongsan High School and Busan Jungang High School that followed, Yongsan High School defeated Jungang High School 106-53 and made it to the quarterfinal stage. Lee Yu-jin (200cm, G, F) scored 32 points alone and took the lead in the team victory. 메이저사이트

Myongji High School, which was in a state of disarray, also won 77-72, defeating Gyeseong High School’s relentless pursuit. After a slight lead (19-17) in the first quarter, Myongjigo secured a ticket to advance to the quarterfinals thanks to the heights of Kim Jung-hyeon (197cm, F,C) and Jang Chan (200cm, F,C).

Gyeseong High School, with Eun Jun-seo (185cm, G, F) at the forefront, tried their best to chase until the end, but it was not enough to overturn the game.

On the other hand, the girls’ high school Gyeonggi Line, which was held at Dongbaek Gymnasium, became the winners of Sooneui Girls’ High School, Dongju Girls’ High School, and Hyosung Girls’ High School.

Group A’s Sooneui Girls’ High School showed off its mighty firepower, with five players scoring double digits, and defeated Daejeon Women’s High School 107-42. -40, lightly outclassed and took the advantage of advancing to the finals. Hyosung Girls’ High School in Group C also defeated Hwabon High School 69-54 thanks to Kim Jong-un (175cm, F) who was fierce.

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