Express replacement cards Song Myeong-geun and Seok Jin-wook 100% met expectations

It lived up to the director’s expectations 100%. OK Financial Group Song Myeong-geun was replaced and changed the atmosphere.

OK Financial Group won with a set score of 3-1 (25-18, 20-25, 25-19, 25-21) in the 2022-2023 V-League Men’s Round 4 match held at Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Ansan on the 17th. Leo scored 24 points, the most among both teams, followed by Song Myung-geun with 12 points.

Song Myeong-geun left the court for a while after the 2020-21 season and served as a full-time reserve. Song Myeong-geun, who was discharged on the 5th, recorded a 76.9% attack success rate in the Samsung Firefighting match on the 8th, scoring 12 points and making a smooth comeback. However, he only scored 4 points (attack success rate 25.0%) against Korea Electric Power on the 13th. On this day, he was left out of the starting lineup in the game.

Song Myeong-keun, who was put in earnest from the middle of the second set, showed excellent performance. He posted 13 points, including two blocks. His attack success rate was 57.9%. Especially in the middle of the 4th set, he succeeded in successive attacks and led his comeback. Manager Seok Jin-wook also praised, “Song Myeong-geun is the best card for changing the atmosphere. He is a skill that should be played as a starter, but he can change when the team is shaken. He entered and played his role sufficiently.”카지노

Song Myeong-geun said, “The overall performance of the team was not good. Even after the game, we talked about how difficult it would be to work together today. He said we should prepare well.” Director Seok commented that “blocking has improved” when Song Myeong-geun returned. On this day, Song Myung-geun caught two blocks. Song Myeong-geun said, “When I watched from the outside, I could see where the opponent was hitting. During practice, that worked well.”

As there is a hiatus, setters Kwak Myung-woo and Song Myung-geun are adjusting to each other. Song Myeong-geun said, “It’s not the perfect attack timing yet. I’m going to try to hit it with a bit more preparation. I have to work hard and prepare quickly so that Myung-woo hyung can raise it well. I will try harder.”

Song Myeong-geun’s role before military service was focused on ‘attack’ rather than ‘defense’. However, he has to serve and receive a lot now, as he plays with Leo and Cha Ji-hwan a lot. In the 3rd and 4th sets in this match, Myeong-geun Song was the focus of the serve.Song Myeong-geun said, “The coach asks me to do a good reception because I will hit the serve a lot when I enter. If it goes well, including receiving, I think it will help the team.” It was very comfortable when I wasn’t receiving,” he said. He continued, “Since I play the role of receiving and hitting, there are parts that are difficult to find once the rhythm is broken. However, I have to do it because of the team system.”

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