Female soccer prospect Garam Chun, 1st overall, WK League KSPO

Garam Cheon (20), a promising female soccer player, will wear the Hwacheon KSPO uniform of the WK League.

Garam Cheon was nominated by Hwacheon KSPO with the first overall pick in the 2023 WK League rookie draft held at the Soccer Hall on the 15th. A total of 61 players applied for this draft, and 7 clubs participated, excluding Sangmu Boeun, the military team.

The first overall ranking was Garam Chun.

Chun Ga-ram went through Seonggeocho, Hyundai Cheongun Middle School, Yesung Girls’ High School, and Ulsan University of Science and played an active part in the national team by age. Last August, she played a big role in the Under-20 (U-20) World Cup held in Costa Rica, and last November, she was called by coach Colin Bell and made her A-match debut in an away match (2nd leg) in New Zealand. did.

Ga-ram Chun said, “Thank you for the nomination. I will work hard to become a player who repays you as much as you put a lot of expectations on me and selected me.” 토토사이트

Park Hye-jung was nominated for Sejong Sports Toto, Jung Min-young for Seoul City Hall, Lee Yu-jin for Suwon FC, Moon Ha-yeon for Incheon Hyundai Steel, Koo Chae-hyeon for Changnyeong WFC, and Ko Da-young for Gyeongju KHNP. In the second nomination, Ko Yu-na was nominated for Hwacheon KSPO, Lee Jeong-yeon was nominated for Sejong Sports Toto, and in the third nomination, Park Eun-hye was nominated for Hwacheon KSPO, and Seongseoul Seorabeol was nominated for Incheon Hyundai Steel.

In this draft, 23 out of 61 were selected. Gyeongju KHNP picked the most 5 players, and Seoul City Hall and Suwon FC picked the least 2 players.

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