Fenerbahce sold Kim Min-jae and made a ‘only surplus’… Turkiye Club Financial Reporting Results

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Fenerbahce, who transferred Kim Min-jae to SSC Napoli, was investigated as the only surplus club in Turkey. It’s like seeing the ‘Kim Min-jae effect’.

The financial reports of listed clubs in the Turkiye Super League have been released. “The only company that made a profit was Fenerbahce,” explained the Turkiye newspaper <Milliet>.

Fenerbahçe’s pre-tax profit for the past six months was announced at 277,652,551 lira (approximately 18,241,770,000 won). Net profit after tax was 260,783,244 lira (approximately 17,547,370,000 won).

According to the data released by Fenerbahce, the amount the club earned through investment also accounts for a large share, but most of Fenerbahce’s total sales income was the transfer fee generated from the transfer of Kim Min-jae.

Last summer, Fenerbahce sent Kim Min-jae to Naples and earned a transfer fee of 18.05 million euros (approximately 24.2 billion won).

After moving to Naples, Kim Min-jae has been praised as ‘the best center back in Europe’. As the most notable defender in Serie A, the market value, which was 14 million euros (approximately 18.8 billion won) at the beginning of the transfer, has more than doubled to 35 million euros (approximately 46.9 billion won) as of the present point.먹튀검증

The soaring ransom reflects Kim Min-jae’s popularity as it is. He actually had transfer rumors. There is also news that Manchester United and others want to recruit Kim Min-jae.

This season, Kim Min-jae has appeared in 17 Serie A matches, scoring two goals, and has also appeared in all six group matches of the UEFA Champions League.

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