Figure skater Lee Hae-in and Cha Jun-hwan team trophy short 1st and 2nd… 2nd place on the first day in Korea

Cha Jun-hwan (21, Korea University) and Lee Hae-in (17, Sehwa Girls’ High School), male and female figure skating singles, led the Korean national team’s promotion with a wonderful performance in the short program of the 2022-23 International Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating World Team Trophy Competition. 

In the Team Trophy women’s single short program held at the Tokyo Gymnasium on the 13th, Lee Hae-in received 41.00 points in technique (TES) and 35.90 points in art (PCS), and took first place overall with a total of 76.90 points. It was an all-clean performance that exceeded the personal highest score (73.62 points) received at the World Championships last month. She scored 12 points, the highest ranking point, beating Kaori Sakamoto of Japan (72.69 points, 2nd place), the winner of the 2023 ISU World Championships. 

Cha Jun-hwan scored 54.70 points in TES, 46.63 points in PCS, and 101.33 points in total in the men’s single short program, ranking second out of 12 players. He broke the personal best score (99.64 points) he received at the ISU World Championships last month. Cha Jun-hwan earned 11 ranking points.

Cha Jun-hwan and Lee Hae-in won silver medals in men’s and women’s singles at the World Championships last month. It was the first time in 10 years that a Korean player won a medal at the World Championships since Yuna Kim in 2013. 

Amid perfect performances by Lee Hae-in and Cha Jun-hwan, Korea ranked second with a total of 39 points, following the United States (50 points), on the first day of the tournament. Japan, the favorite for the championship, is in third place with 36 points.

The team trophy determines the final ranking by adding up points for each event. Short Program – Free Skating or Rhythm Dance – Free Dance will also be ranked and awarded points. As points are awarded to all players, all players must perform evenly.

In Korea, Lee Si-hyung (22, Korea University), who competed in the men’s singles short program, scored 77.24 points, adding 3 ranking points to 10th place, and 카지노사이트
Kim Ye-rim (20, Dankook University), who competed in the women’s singles short program, came 7th with 62.65 points and 6 ranking points. added a point

In addition, Ice Dance Rhythm Dance Lim Hae-na (19)-Quan-ye (22, general competition) group ranked 6th, the lowest, and earned 7 ranking points. 

The Korean national figure skating team will compete in the pair short program, ice dance free dance, and women’s single free skating, which will be held at the same venue on the 14th.

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