“Five conversations a day?”… The only rookie, I became roommates with a pretty introverted senior

 “Should we have a conversation of five words a day? I’m not very talkative (laughs).”

Doosan Bears second baseman Kang Seung-ho (29) became roommates with rookie catcher Yoon Jun-ho (23) during spring camp. Kang Seung-ho is the chosen pair. Kang Seung-ho was originally going to share a room with first baseman Yang Seok-hwan (32), but he took a big heart and declared, “I don’t want to spend with my brother.”

Yang Seok-hwan met with reporters at Blacktown Baseball Stadium in Sydney, Australia on the 5th and said, “I’ve known (Kang) Seung-ho for a long time, and I was going to share a room comfortably, but Seung-ho said that he is now 30 years old and should not share with a junior. I couldn’t give it to you,” he explained with a laugh 먹튀검증.

Junho Yoon was the only rookie in 2023 to be on the roster for this spring camp. It would have been awkward to share a room with anyone, but contrary to plan, I ended up sharing a room with Kang Seung-ho, the most introverted senior on the team. Kang Seung-ho’s personality is on the side of introversion, to the extent that the I (introversion) index comes out close to 100% in the MBTI (personality type test).

The dorm is a two-person room, and originally there are two beds side by side in one room, but Kang Seung-ho moved one bed into the living room and is actually sharing a room with Yoon Jun-ho. Apart from Kang Seung-ho and Yoon Jun-ho’s room, everyone is using this way to separate the space.

Kang Seung-ho said, “Everyone moved a bed into the living room, so I followed suit. (Yoon) Jun-ho meant to use it comfortably. After saying hello, I was lying down, and it seemed like I was saying ‘Junho, wash first’ because it was difficult. Five words a day is one,” he looked back and smiled awkwardly.

Yoon Jun-ho said, “It’s true that Seung-ho and I don’t talk a lot in the room.” After laughing, he said, “It seems like we’re taking a break while spending our own time. Still, I’m really thankful that Seung-ho pays attention to me and takes good care of me. Snacks at the mart. He also gave me a pair of sneakers as a present. Thanks to Seungho hyung, I’m adjusting well,” he added, expressing his gratitude.

Kang Seung-ho said, “On a break, the four of us (Kim) In-tae, (Park) Gye-beom, and Jun-ho went to the mart and bought food at the food court. It will take quite a while to become close friends. They said it took 3 months for them to become close with me.”

Kang Seung-ho was quiet even when fighting in defense training on the 5th, and Yang Seok-hwan called his name several times. He said, “Coach Seong-hwan Cho values ​​basic skills and a bright atmosphere. You have to talk a lot when defending, but that’s the hardest.”

Even though he is introverted, Kang Seung-ho ranked first among the beasts who are subject to salary negotiations with Doosan this year. He jumped to second baseman and had a meaningful year, hitting 10 home runs for the first time in his career while playing 134 games. His annual salary has risen from 115 million won last year to 200 million won this year.

Kang Seung-ho said, “I received a good salary because the club paid a lot of attention. That’s why I have a lot of responsibility, and I have a lot of young players under me. “I’m aiming for 20 home runs this year, but I’ll try to hit at least 15.”

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