Following the breath of Baekje, following the clean golden river… 8000 people run through history

The Dong-A Ilbo 2023 Gongju Baekje Marathon, which marks the start of the fall marathon, will be held on Sunday at 9 a.m. from Gongju Civic Stadium in Gongju, Chungcheongnam-do, and will return to Gongju city.

The Gongju Baekje Marathon, co-organized by the city of Gongju, the Dong-A Ilbo, and Sports Donga, is a representative masters race in the central region that began in 2003. It was created to commemorate the Baekje Great Road between Gongju and Buyeo, which was completed in January 2003, and to spread the marathon population.

The Gongju Baekje Marathon will be held on the 17th, starting from Gongju Civic Sports Center in Chungnam and returning to the city. More than 8,000 participants will take part in the marathon festivities in five categories, including a new 32.195-kilometer course and a 42.195-kilometer full course. Here, runners take off from the start line at last year’s event. Dong-A Ilbo DB
Participants in the Gongju Baekje Marathon can feel the history of the 700-year-old ancient city of Baekje on the race course, which passes through Gonggongseong Fortress, the Tomb of King Muryeong, and the Tomb of King Buyeo, which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is also popular as a travel course where you can enjoy sightseeing at Baekje ruins. This year, more than 8,000 runners will participate in each category. The Gongju Baekje Marathon, which was canceled in 2020 and 2021 due to the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), was welcomed by masters marathoners last year as it was held again for the first time in three years.

With a new 32.195-kilometer course, this year’s race will be divided into five categories: 42.195-kilometer full course, half course, 10 kilometers, and 5 kilometers. The new 32.195km course is designed to give Masters marathoners a chance to tune up before tackling the full course at upcoming events in October, including the Gyeongju International Marathon (October 21). The 32.195-kilometer course will follow the same route as the full course, with the finish 5 kilometers earlier. The 32.195 kilometer course attracts over 800 participants.

If you are a Masters athlete who hasn’t run the full course before, it’s helpful to run a longer half and a shorter full beforehand. To complete the full course, you’ll need to do what’s called LSD (Long Slow Distance) training. To build the endurance needed to complete a full marathon, you run long, slow distances of 30 kilometers or more at 60% of your normal pace. Many marathon runners use the 32.195 kilometer course as their LSD training.토토사이트

To help participants finish in their target time, 37 members of the Gwanghwamun Marathon Club, a marathon volunteer organization, will serve as pacemakers. There will be 14 pacers for the full course, 10 for the 32.195 kilometer course, and 13 for the half course.

Finishers of each course will receive a ‘finisher’s medal’. Participants of the Seoul Marathon and Dongama Marathon held in March will receive a commemorative ‘Runner’s medal if they complete the Gongju Baekje Marathon and the Gyeongju International Marathon next month. However, 5km finishers are excluded.

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