From two Mongolian youths to a 203cm MB and a Japanese duo… To some extent, the outline came out, the beads decide the fate

Some outline came out. Now it’s a marble fight.

On the 26th, the second day of the 2023 KOVO Men’s Asia Quarter Tryout was held at Jeju Halla Gymnasium. In the morning, interviews and interviews were held with 7 club managers, coaching staff, and 24 players. In the afternoon, as in the previous day, practice games were played. Again, athletes from the Armed Forces Sports Unit (Sangmu) helped.

If the previous day had some unfortunate play due to jet lag and breathing problems with new players, this day was different. Of course, there were regrets that my feet did not move well due to the 9 sets and 15 point system the previous day, but the liveliness in the attack and the quickness in the defense were definitely different from the previous day.

A club official also said, “The players look lighter than yesterday.”

I watched the video before and saw the two practice games with my own eyes. In the morning, we conducted interviews and closely checked what kind of player he was. From religion to style, military service, and food, I looked at every little detail of the players.

Considering the majority of opinions so far, five players are certain to be nominated. We cannot leave out Bayarsaihan and Eddy, who spent their college years in Korea. There is no need to adapt to life in Korea, and you can directly communicate with the players. Multi-position digestion is also possible. Eddie played as a middle blocker the day before and as an outside heater today.

Also, Japanese duo 202cm apogee spiker Issey Otake, lively libero Ryohei Iga, and the tallest player in this tryout, 203cm middle blocker Tsai Peichang from Taiwan. Five people are confirmed to be nominated.

However, the reality is that there are no players who catch the eye except for them. Outside hitter Batsuri Batur from Mongolia and 188cm apogeit spiker Amonthep Conhan from Thailand showed their passion on the court. However, from the standpoint of a team that wants immediate power, it is not possible to select only based on potential. ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Then the marble fight is important. All 7 teams are equally given marbles. 1st place team Korean Air may get the 1st pick. I have already made a list of what kind of players my team needs while watching practice games.

A commentator who watched the tryout said, “With five players confirmed to be nominated, I look forward to seeing what the 6th and 7th ranked teams will do next.” If the 6th or 7th pick comes up, it is possible to give up the nomination. Some teams are thinking that way.

One day left now. Which player will be selected tomorrow?

Iga said, “I don’t feel like I’ve received good reviews yet. Still, I think they are showing 100% performance. I have a desire to play for a long time in Korea.”

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