Gyeonggi-Do Games MVP Athletics Da-Eun Kim “Aim to win at least one medal in each event”

“I will work hard with the goal of winning at least one medal at each upcoming national competition.”

These are the thoughts of Kim Da-eun (Gapyeong-gun Office), who was selected as the MVP of the 69th Gyeonggi-do Sports Festival, which ended on the 13th.

On the first day of the competition, Kim Da-eun won the women’s 2nd division 100m with a record of 12.45 seconds, and teamed up with her twin sisters Kim So-eun, Jeon Ha-young and Min Ji-hyun in the 400m relay to add a gold medal with a time of 48.70. . On the final day, she was the first to cross the finish line in the 200m with a time of 25.78, and contributed to Gapyeong-gun’s victory in the 1,600m relay with a time of 4:23.96, earning her four gold medals.

Kim Da-eun said, “I received the MVP for the first time at the Domin Sports Festival. I think it’s such an honor, and I will continue to train hard for Gapyeong-gun and try to make good records,” she said.

Regarding her victory in her main event, the 100m, she said, “In her weight training, working out with a lot more weight than before, I think it helped her shorten her record.”메이저사이트

Kim Da-eun said, “I want to raise the record to 11.6 this year, and what I think is more important is to make it possible to consistently run 11 seconds, rather than speeding up the record.” I hope to work hard and play together on the same team later.”

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