‘Hexagonal’ midfielder is the goal… Kim Dong-hyun “I will develop my attack power”

Kim Dong-hyun (25, Kim Cheon Sangmu) has played a lot as a defensive midfielder throughout his career. He has occasionally played as a central midfielder, but has mainly been responsible for protecting the defensive line and being the center of the back build-up. He predicted that things would change now. He developed his attacking skills while playing for Gimcheon and he committed himself to becoming a hexagonal midfielder.

Kim Dong-hyun met with reporters at the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp held at the Songjeong Hotel in Busan on the 9th and said, “I want to become a hexagonal midfielder by personally developing more in the offensive part.”

“Last year when I played for Gangwon FC, I played a lot of defensive roles and fought a lot behind the scenes,” said Kim Dong-hyun, “I still don’t play a very different role, but I want to show that I am a versatile player by bringing out attack power that I haven’t shown before.” He conveyed his wish.

In the process of developing his attack power, he revealed that he wants to accumulate a lot of attack points. Kim Dong-hyun, who has never scored more than 3 goals in a single season throughout his career, promised, “My goal is to score about 5 goals this season. Rather than static situations like free kicks, mid-range shots and headers are good. I will score in a variety of ways.”

Below is the full Q&A of Donghyun Kim’s interview.

what is the condition

He joined Gimcheon about two weeks ago. Although he took a long break before enlisting, his overall condition, stamina, and senses improved a lot. He was able to rise quickly thanks to the systematic training of the coaching staff.

My friends, and some seniors, I met often in the national team. As much as we played together, there is no big problem in adapting. We are training in a fun atmosphere every day. I still don’t think it’s military life, there

are many outstanding midfielders.

I always think that competition should be avoided every season. Since each player has their own strengths, it will depend on how they are seen by the coach during winter training. I think it will be determined by whether or not you first melt into the color the director is pursuing. I have a tolerance because I have seen many directors.

What is your goal this season?

As a team, the goal is to get promoted


because Gimcheon has come down to the second division. Personally, I want to develop from the offensive side and become a hexagonal midfielder. Last year in Gangwon, we played a lot of defensive roles and fought a lot behind the scenes. It’s not much different now, but I want to show that I’m a versatile player by bringing out the offensive power that I haven’t shown before. He also wants to accumulate a lot of attack points. The goal is to score five goals. Also like (Cho) Kyu-seong, I want to get better physically while playing for Sangmu.

Last year, he was selected for the senior national team. Are you looking forward to this year?

The national team is where I always dreamed of. I think all players will. However, the priority is to do well in Gimcheon. When you show good form here, you can go to the national team.

It’s been a while since I played in the K-League 2.

He started his professional debut season in the K League 2. A lot has changed between then and now. In the recent playoffs, there is no big difference between Suwon Samsung and FC Anyang. However, how we prepare is more important than other teams. During winter training, you have to prepare hard and make a good color. I think the timing now is important.

Who are you looking forward to playing with in Gimcheon?

There are many famous players. Among the midfielders, (Kim) Jin-kyu and (Won) Doo-jae are expected the most. The seniors, Corporal Kim Ji-hyeon, Corporal Lee Young-jae, and Corporal Chang-hoon Kwon, all have good abilities, so I think we can get along well.

Lastly, what do you want to say to your fans?

It was difficult going through the promotion playoffs in 2021 in Gangwon, but last year I prepared well and achieved good results. It’s been a while since I joined Gimcheon, but I’ll show you a good look so that I can get promoted. I hope that many fans will come and support us.

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