Hwang In-soo and Kim Tae-in! Myeong Hyun-man, the strongest standing player, wants to fight against the ‘President Fist’ of a similar weight class!

Hwang In-soo and Kim Tae-in!

Myung Hyeon-man (38, Myung Hyeon-man Multi Gym), the strongest player in Korea, met an opponent suitable for his weight class. The main character is Road FC light heavyweight champion ‘Fist President’ Kim Tae-in (29, Road FC Kim Tae-in gym).

Myung Hyeon-man will return to the Road FC stage after about 6 years against Hwang In-soo at Goobne ROAD FC 063, which will be held on the 25th at Goyang Gymnasium.

As the kickboxing rules of 4 minutes and 3 rounds will be played, it is expected that the two fighters will fight fiercely. Myung Hyeon-man is doing his best, such as digesting Thai field training for a confrontation with Hwang In-soo.

In an interview with Myung Hyeon-man’s recent tournament history, he was confident of victory, saying, “If my strategy works out, I will be able to knock out Hwang In-soo in the first round.”

Road FC shares the advertising area with Myung Hyeon-man and Hwang In-soo, and the fight money is estimated at about 60 million won to 100 million won. Road FC is working hard so that fighters can be treated well and live their lives.

Chairman Jung Moon-hong, who leads Road FC, said, “When big sponsors come, advertising costs are high for the event먹튀검증. is to share Because you do that. I saw Fight Money as saying, ‘At least 100 million won will come out’. (Myung) Hyun-man also thinks that ‘he opened a path like this for good juniors in the future’.”

Another enemy appeared in front of Myeonghyeonman ahead of the match. When Kim Tae-in faces off against Myung Hyeon-man, he expresses his confidence that ‘he can win’ and a new wind blows. Kim Tae-in and Myung-hyeon-man know each other well because they have trained in the same team in the past.

Myung Hyun-man said, “A good player is right. Still, maybe I don’t remember the time I hit him a little while ago, so I thought, ‘Shouldn’t I hit him?’ I think,” he said, showing confidence to Kim Tae-in.

Hwang In-soo is a middleweight and Kim Tae-in is a light heavyweight. Myung Hyun-man is a heavyweight. If Myeong-hyeon-man and Kim Tae-in face off, it could be a special match or a contract weight, but since there is not a big difference in weight class, a confrontation between the dragon and the tiger is expected. It seems that it will be a big match that will guarantee box office success.

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