I don’t have any bright talent… Seong Yu-jin of coyness and perseverance wins Doosan Match Play Championship

“I think it is true that I have always been one step behind. So rather than thinking of it as a competitor, I thought about how to play similarly.”

It was. he was always slow When his classmates lifted championship cups one after another, he was terrified of not being in the top 10, worrying about missing the cut. This is the story of Sung Yu-jin, who debuted in the Korean Women’s Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) in 2019.

He says he is not a player with a bright talent. On the KLPGA tour in 2019, when he debuted, players with brilliant talents such as Lim Hee-jung, Park Hyun-kyung, and Jo Ah-yeon were lined up. Even when they won championships in big and small competitions, Sung Yu-jin thought it was fortunate that he passed the cut, let alone the top 10.

Lim Hee-jung won three KLPGA tour victories in his debut season, and Cho A-yeon won two victories and won the Rookie of the Year award. Park Hyun-kyung, who was third in the Rookie of the Year category, reported his first win in the second year, and in 2021 won the KLPGA Championship for two consecutive years, becoming the first of his motives to achieve the achievement of winning two KLPGA major tournaments. When his classmates with jewel-like talent became the KLPGA Tour’s signboard and drove around the Cloud Gallery, Seong Yu-jin was busy following in their footsteps.

Seong Yu-jin almost became a passing player like that. However, he did not shine, but he had the ‘coyness’ and ‘perseverance’ of a Joseon person. Seong Yu-jin, who recorded the top 10 three times in the 2020 season, began to make her name known to the world little by little by placing her name in the top 10 six times in the 2021 season.

And in June of last year, he lifted his first championship cup in his life at the Lotte Open, which was the KLPGA tour event he participated in for the 73rd time. In an interview with the championship at the time, Sung Yu-jin said, “I don’t think I am a player with more talent than others. I will try harder every year from now on.”

He won but still had a question mark. It was a question of whether he would be able to consistently produce results. It is because he has been on the tour for more than ten years and there are not a few players who have somehow won the championship.

And Sung Yu-jin won the KLPGA Tour Doosan Match Play Championship (total prize money of 900 million won), which ended at Ladena Golf Club (par 72, 6350 yards) in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do on the 21st, and won his second career victory. After winning the Lotte Open in June last year, he won the second championship cup in less than a year. The question mark became an exclamation mark.스포츠토토

She showed her presence last month by winning runner-up at the Lotte Championship of the LPGA Tour, where she participated as an invited player. And after she returned to Korea, she seemed to be checking her shots, placing 8th in the KLPGA Championship and 9th in the NH Investment & Securities Championship, and finally won the championship by defeating Park Hyeon-kyung, her same age, in the finals.

In an interview after her victory, Seong Yu-jin said, “She is happy to finish a tough game with a win,” and she said, “I think of her mother the most. I want her to enjoy the rest of her old age while looking at me happily without suffering from her pain,” she expressed her gratitude to her mother.

Park Hyun-kyung, who won runner-up, is irrelevant after two consecutive wins at the KLPGA Championship in May 2021. Hyunkyung Park has been runner-up eight times and placed in the top 10 23 times in her last two years. She does but she doesn’t have a trophy. In the match for 3rd and 4th place, Hong Jung-min, the winner of this tournament last year, was unable to decide the winner with Na Hee-won in the first overtime, ending the tournament in a tie for 3rd place.

Meanwhile, in the final round of the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour SK Telecom Open (total prize money of 1.3 billion won) held at the Pinx Golf Club (par 71, 7326 yards) in Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Baek Seok-hyun hit 2 under par 69, for a final total of 13 under par 271. He won his first championship in his career. It is a win after the 56th appearance of the KPGA Korean Tour.

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