“I have to quit” How did the 4th place in the world batting average… Meet Kang Jung-ho and find a way

“I have to quit… ”

NC outfielder Son A-seop has a career batting average of 0.321 and is 4th among all-time KBO league hitters who have played more than 3,000 at-bats. He’s the league’s leading hitter, but the 2022 season hasn’t lived up to his reputation. In 138 games, he had a batting average of 0.277, 4 homers, 48 ​​RBIs, 72 points, and 7 stolen bases for an OPS of 0.714.

Son A-seop moved about a month 먹튀검증earlier than usual. He went to Los Angeles, USA, to visit Kang Jung-ho, who opened an academy. I tried to digest the two-month training program with coaches Kang Jeong-ho and Heo Il, but reduced it to one month to join the spring camp.

Son A-seop called them ‘masters’. He found three problems with the masters. In summary, it is unbalanced lower body movement, elevated arm height, and late timing. I tried to improve the problem by extracting the trekking data from coach Kang Jung-ho.

On the 9th (hereafter Korean time), Son Ah-seop said at the NC Spring Camp, Tucson Lake Annex Field in Arizona, USA, “2022 was a season of disappointment for myself. For the first time, he felt himself limited as a hitter. Pro is the result. No matter how good the process is, the results must shine.”

He confessed that he had a bad habit from one day, but he never looked back at himself. He said, “I honestly played baseball without much difficulty from a young age. I was only obsessed with what I thought was baseball. It was the feeling of not growing, the feeling of hitting a wall. He felt he had to quit because he couldn’t achieve the goals he wanted as a baseball player, so he came to the United States first to learn a new baseball game. I think it will be helpful for his leadership life after his retirement.”

After that, he poured out self-criticism. “I played baseball with my ability and intuition. It has changed without me knowing.” In the end, due to three problems, the number of hits decreased, making it difficult to respond to the course, and the production of sharp batting balls disappeared.

That’s how I met Kang Jeong-ho and joined the spring camp while correcting the bad parts. He regretted finishing the two-month program in one month. However, he seemed confident that his confidence in LA would lead to Changwon via Tucson.

His defense can also move from right field to left field. This is because new foreign hitter Jason Martin can see center fielder. In this case, it means that center fielder Park Kun-woo goes to right field like he did during Doosan days, and Son A-seop naturally goes from right to left field.

Son Ah-seop said, “For the team to become stronger, we must accept it. Honestly, it is true that the outfield defense will become stronger if (Kim) Seong-wook replaces me. Last year, I tried professional designated hitter for the first time, but it was difficult. But I got used to it in the middle of the season.”

The season toward the halfway point of the 4-year, 6.4 billion won free agent contract. You have to show it right. Son A-seop said, “You have to set personal goals so you don’t become lazy. Participating in all matches is a natural goal. And this season, I want to win an outfield Golden Glove. Last year, no one received a Golden Glove in NC. It was a festival, but it was regrettable that our team could not participate. In winter, I have to wear a suit to finish, but I was disappointed that I couldn’t get an invitation. I want to receive a Golden Glove because I will wear it nicely to the Golden Glove ceremony this winter.”

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