I know because I used Corea… Minnesota unrequited love, will it lead to a reunion?

 The Minnesota Twins are making the Carlos Correa transfer saga more rocky. Minnesota, who had been with Correa last year, did not end its courtship toward Correa, and Correa began to respond a little.

North American sports media ‘The Athletic’ said on the 10th (Korean time) that ‘the possibility of an unexpected reunion between Corea and Minnesota is increasing. While the mega deal agreed with the Mets last month was not completed, Minnesota suddenly returned to the signing game. Dialogue between the two sides began to accelerate. Sources also confirmed this.” It is confirmed as a fact, not a rumor, that Corea’s move has entered a new phase.

Minnesota signed Correa to a three-year, $105.3 million deal last year and stayed with him for one year. Correa opted out and came to the market. However, Correa’s contract with San Francisco (13 years, $350 million) did not pass the medical test stage, and later the contract agreement with the New York Mets (12 years, $315 million) also had problems in the medical test. 

In 2014, he underwent arthroscopic surgery for a single A right fibula fracture and ligament damage, and was pointed out at this point. Concerns about the part where his iron core was embedded became the reason for hesitating to sign a long-term contract. 

Minnesota offered Correa a 10-year, $285 million contract in the early days of the market, but was turned down. Nevertheless, Minnesota did not forget Correa. I already did a detailed medical test with Corea at the time of the contract a year ago, and checked my physical condition while digesting one season together.  

‘The Athletic’ said, ‘Minnesota wants to make sure that Correa and the physical exam are done, but they have already conducted a thorough examination in March of last year and are aware of his overall physical condition.’ I saw it, but Chairman Derek Palvey instructed us to be prepared for emergencies.” 

The media said, ‘According to sources, Minnesota knows that big market clubs can break up big deals. “We are interested in bringing Correa back and are open to opting out or putting creative protections in the contract.” 

It is also the process of contracting with Corea that has come from experience. The media said,’Agent Boras praised the creative negotiation method of the Minnesota front desk when they negotiated the Correa contract for 14 hours last year. He mentioned that he has accumulated know-how in negotiating for players with potential injuries, saying, “I have experience organizing deals that are full of incentives after signing.” 토토

First of all, Minnesota saw more advantages while working with Correa for a year. Concerns about durability were also washed away. The media said, ‘Except for a finger fracture in May of last year, I did not seek a trainer even after complaining of pain after sliding to second base against Kansas City in September of last year. At the time, he admitted that an iron core was inserted into his right leg,” explaining, “Excluding 12 games due to finger injuries and 8 games due to Corona 19, I played 136 games out of the remaining 142 games. He was a regular starter for Minnesota.”

‘Minnesota has loved the confidence and baseball experience Correa has brought over the past season. And at the turning point, I was in a position to be at the center of the Correa contract.”

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