“I miss Liverpool”… Mane wants to return to the EPL

Sadio Mane (31, Bayern Munich), who caused controversy by punching his teammate, was suspended for one game and fined 300,000 euros (approximately 430 million won) by the club. And it is certain that he will leave Munich this summer, one year after joining the club.

Reporter Florian Plettenberg of ‘Sky Sports Germany’, who is familiar with Munich news, said on the 17th (Korean time), “It is almost certain that Mane will leave the team this summer.” It’s in the middle of the day. It’s not a piece that fits the concept of Thomas Tuchel’s new coach.”

In this situation, reports that Mane misses his former club Liverpool are attracting attention.

Football Insider, a British media outlet, said, “Mane, who is having a hard time in Munich, told a friend, ‘I miss Liverpool’ and wants to return to the English Premier League (EPL). Because of (depth), I am not considering recruiting him.”

“Director Jurgen Klopp (personally) will welcome Mane’s comeback at Anfield. However, Klopp and Liverpool are putting all their efforts into reinforcing the midfield this summer,” he said, predicting that there is a high probability that the supply and demand curves will not meet at all.

Last summer, Mane wore a Munich uniform for a transfer fee of 35 million pounds (approximately 56.9 billion won) as a substitute for Robert Lewandowski, who left for Barcelona (Spain). Including at Southampton,

During this period, it proved its durability by playing 343 official games. Mane was a sprinter-type striker who ensured plenty of double-digit goals while playing around 40 games in a single season. He also has 85 assists for the club’s career to keep an eye on. The semi-skilled winger who runs around without rest has the effect of dispersing the center of defense during a fast attack, so he has a considerable ‘invisible assist’. It is not for nothing that Mane was chosen as a replacement for Lewandowski.

However, the German Bundesliga soft landing was not easy. He only scored 6 goals and 4 assists in 20 league games, and fell short of expectations in the European Football Federation Champions League with 3 goals in 8 games. Considering Mane’s annual salary of over 20 million euros (approximately 28.8 billion won), it is virtually a recruitment failure. 토토사이트

Reporter Plettenberg said, “Because Mane’s salary is so high, Munich is in an atmosphere that considers the contract with him a mistake.” He explained that he had a sad ending in front of his eyes (with Munich) due to the assault of his colleague.

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